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The Almost Friday Huddle for Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020

The Huddle is your daily briefing on what’s new in LGBT sports news, the latest links and who’s in the social media spotlight.

Shelby Weldon/Photo by Eliot Elisofon/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

Good morning and welcome to The Huddle for today, October 8, 2020. It’s Thursday.

Your need to read time today is 90-seconds, as usual.

This Morning’s Outsports Headlines:

Quinn explains the thought process that led to their coming out announcement

Celebrating LGBTQ sports history: Derrick Gordon finds his freedom

Amazin LêThi tapped as an official judge for Formula E’s Open Talent Call

Coming to at 11 a.m. EDT: For gay college athlete, law school is his next big challenge

Today: The backstop for young closeted athletes struggling to come out

Tonight: What’s the best way to come out to your teammates? Join our conversation tonight

In other LGBT Sports news...

Transgender Athlete Fight to Heat Up as Legislatures Return

Also new this morning...

Los Angeles Lakers switch to ‘Black Mamba’ uniforms for potential title-clinching Game 5

Yankees strike-zone disaster increases urgency for robot umpires

San Diego Padres’ Mike Clevinger taken off team’s NLDS roster

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Won’t Stop Dolphins From Packing 65,000 Seat Stadium

Patrick Mahomes calls high five with COVID-19 positive Stephon Gilmore a ‘mental lapse’


Our friend educator and LGBTQ youth advocate Micah Porter shared this with the GO! SPACE Facebook group:

Before the COVID shutdown (and since), a group of teens and I have been planning the CSITAA (Colorado Summit for Inclusive Teen Athletics and Activities) to create a special event for youth in Colorado.

To promote the future event, Youth Celebrate Diversity is hosting “A Time to Unite Virtual Festival” to promote “All Things Social Justice” and the future event.

If you are interested in youth advocacy, please join us! Our sports specific slot is Sunday, Oct. 11 from 2:00-3:00p (MDT). We will discuss inclusion in teen athletics and activities, including:

  • Socioeconomic barriers to youth participation in sports
  • How to build inclusive athletic teams and cultures
  • This is not restricted to Colorado! Get involved!

If you’re an LGBTQ person in sports looking to connect with others in the community, head over to GO! SPACE to meet and interact with other LGBTQ athletes, or to Equality Coaching Alliance to find other coaches, administrators and other non-athletes in sports.

Highlights from Social Media:

EVERYBODY seems to “buzzing” about the fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during the Vice Presidential Debate last night, and sat there for a solid two minutes. Here’s my favorite tweet, by six-time Grand Slam competitor Rennae Stubbs:

Figure skater turned Dancing With The Stars contestant tweeted this appeal for followers to vote:

The man with the Instagram handle @flowwetry posted this stunning selfie with the hashtag #gayathlete:

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Podcast Du Jour

Nearly every day of the week, Outsports has a new podcast for your enjoyment. Today, our Brian Bell has a doubleheader with EFFY and the AEW’s Nyla Rose! Listen here and here:

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Today’s Sports Calendar

MLB NLDS AND ALDS: Click here for ESPN’s schedule of today’s games.

SOCCER: Click here for ESPN’s schedule of soccer action today.

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