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Here are 15 inspiring Asian LGBTQ athletes who have come out publicly

There are still relatively few high-profile Asian and Asian-American athletes who have come out.

In our conversation with out LGBTQ Asian and Asian-American athletes last month, each of them remarked at how few out Asian people there are in sports. Some of the four athletes said they didn’t know any out high-profile LGBTQ Asian athletes other than the people on that conversation. They weren’t far off.

Still, there are more out Asian athletes than many people know about, stretching from Japan and Hong Kong to the United States and Europe.

Leading up to National Coming Out Day, we figured we’d share a list of inspiring Asian athletes who have come out and blazed a trail. They represent a host of different sports and levels of sport, with several competing in the Olympic Games.

Meet them here:

If you know of any other out LGBTQ athletes who are of Asian decent, please leave their names in the comments below and we’ll be sure to add them to our gallery.

Happy National Coming Out Day.