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Tom Daley is keeping you in-shape while quarantined with his 10-minute ‘Daley Workout’

The Olympic diver’s ‘Daley Workout’ helps you use common household items for a quarantined home workout.

Dustin Lance Black video-bombs husband Tom Daley’s 10-minute workout.

Tom Daley wants to get (or keep) you in shape, no matter where you’re quarantined. That’s why he’s created a new online workout video series — the “Daley Workout” — to get you off your couch and away from Tiger King.

So far he’s posted almost a dozen videos, all featuring Daley going through an at-home workout and talking you through the exercises. While he can’t get onto the diving board and into the pool during quarantine, he is, like the rest of us, finding ways to stay fit and in shape.

One of the great things about the workout series is that he uses regular household items. Not everyone has a set of dumbbells at home.

And yes, for those interested, he’s decided to shoot each video shirtless.

Daley has already qualified for the 2021 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. The gay diver had qualified for 2020 last year, and the IOC has announced everyone who had qualified will remain qualified for next. year.

You can follow the Daley Workout on Instagram or YouTube. And yes, husband Dustin Lance Black will make an occasional video-bomb cameo, including episode 4...