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Diver Joey Cifelli returns to the pool, aims for his second Olympic Trials

Joey Cifelli dove for Purdue and thought his career ended when he graduated. Now he’s back and focused on big things.

Joey Cifelli figured his competition career was over when he graduated from Purdue last year. While coaching at USC he found his passion for competition again. Now he’s aiming for the Olympic Trials.
Purdue Univ. athletics

Joey Cifelli figured his competition career on the diving board was over when his NCAA career ended last year. Shortly after graduating from Purdue University he moved to Los Angeles and settled into a new gig coaching at USC.

Yet being in and around the pool, he’s found his passion for competition hasn’t quieted.

In the latest episode of the Five Rings To Rule Them All podcast, Cifelli talks about returning to competition this year. He’s even teamed up with his good friend and Purdue teammate Max Showalter for synchronized diving.

He also opens up about his coming-out journey since the 2016 Olympic Trials, as well as some personal struggle that coming out publicly brought him during his senior NCAA season.

Plus he talks about what it’s like as a gay man moving from West Lafayette to West Hollywood. Hint: It’s a game-changer.

You can listen to my conversation with Joey Cifelli on the Megaphone player, or by visiting Apple podcasts for an easy browser player. Five Rings To Rule Them All is also available on Google Podcasts, Spotify and many more platforms. Just search for Outsports wherever you get your podcast.

You can follow Joey Cifelli on Twitter and Instagram @joey_cifelli.

If you’re an LGBTQ person in sports looking to connect with others in the community, head over to GO! Space to meet and interact with other LGBTQ athletes, or to Equality Coaching Alliance to find other coaches and administrators.