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WATCH: Expressing Pride and Solidarity through spoken word and song

Members of the Outsports community share their support for black and LGBTQ people.

Four LGBTQ people from sports will share their voices through spoken word and music: Former NFL player Esera Tuaolo; NFL player Ryan Russell; Outsports journalist Karleigh Webb; Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Kyle Tanguay.

Outsports hosted an event Thursday, June 11, featuring various people in the Outsports community expressing their Pride, as well as their solidarity with racial visibility and equality, through song and spoken word.

Four members of the LGBTQ sports community performed through spoken word and song:

Tanguay appeared on American Idol earlier this year, and Tuaolo previously appeared on The Voice. Each of them sang a song.

Russell and Webb are both poets and expressed themselves through spoken word.

It was a special opportunity to hear various forms of expression all hoping to push for inclusion and acceptance of the LGBTQ community and black people across society.