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Outsports conversation: How to work with your favorite team to embrace LGBTQ fans

5 out employees at pro-sports teams joined us to talk about how to push for more LGBTQ inclusion from your favorite team.

The Minnesota Vikings have expanded their Pride and LGBTQ outreach over the last few years.

Are you a fan, or any member of the community, who wishes their favorite pro sports team would work more closely with the LGBTQ community?

Thursday night, Outsports hosted its latest Outsports Pride conversation featuring five executives in pro-sports-team front offices discussing how fans can work with their favorite team to embrace the LGBTQ community and its causes.

A team from each of the Big Four sports leagues was represented.

We talked with these people in men’s pro sports for an insiders perspective on how to reach out to your favorite team to build stronger connections to the LGBTQ community. They shared strategies on messaging, insight into pro-team priorities, engaging the community, etc....

The conversation featured:

The group represents a diverse set of perspectives from inside an organization, ranging from coordinator to senior vice president. In addition, having two members of the Kings front office join the conversation gave perspective of how different people interact with the community from the same organization.

If you’re an LGBTQ person who works or has a career in sports at the high school, collegiate, professional or international level, check out the private Facebook group, Equality Coaching Alliance.