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Trey McBride picked in the NFL Draft. He has 2 lesbian moms

This year’s Mackey Award winner, Trey McBride, received the news with his moms by side.

NFL Combine
Trey McBride should be selected in the first two days of the NFL Draft. The Colorado State tight end has talked about having two lesbian moms.
Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Update: Trey McBride has been selected by the Arizona Cardinals with the 55th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Original post:

When Colorado State University’s Trey McBride was honored Thursday as college football’s best tight end, his two moms were by his side.

McBride is the winner of this year’s Mackey Award, given to the top tight end in college football. The senior dominated on the field, catching 90 passes for 1,121 yards and a touchdown — becoming the first tight end in Rams history to surpass 1,000 yards.

And McBride’s story off the field is just as impressive. His two moms, Kate and Jen, raised Trey alongside his four siblings in Fort Morgan, Colo., about 84 miles east of CSU’s campus. The family was profiled in the Denver Post in 2019.

“Every once in a while, people kind of give you crap about it,” McBride said. “I don’t understand why. And sometimes, you know, you’ve got to defend yourself. You’re not going to let someone punk you for something like that.”

Trey didn’t know he was going to receive the Mackey Award when he heard the news. He thought he was taking part in a regular interview, and then his moms came in for hugs.

Grab your tissues before watching.

The McBride’s are a competitive family. Toby McBride, Trey’s older brother, was a defensive lineman at CSU, and Dylan, Trey’s twin, was a college wrestler.

They got their toughness and perseverance from their moms.

“We’ve been told that we must’ve had ‘super sperm’ or whatever,” Kate told the Denver Post. “(That) we chemically engineered them because there’s no way that one family can have all these great athletes. “Well, no. A lot of it is their hard work. Yes, there’s some natural talent in there. But these guys worked hard. They put in the hours. And put in the sweat and the tears.”

All of that work has paid off. In addition to winning the Mackey Award, named to the Walter Camp All-American.

Great football players, and families, come in all forms.