When I first me SkySports editor Jon Holmes at the home of Manchester United during the 2017 Rainbow Laces Summit, we had already communicated briefly about using his platform to elevate LGBTQ voices in sports there in the United Kingdom.

Since then, Holmes has been on fire, taking the lead in the British media to ensure that issues of LGBTQ inclusion in sports get amplified attention.

On this week’s episode of Five Rings To Rule Them All, Holmes talks with me about his journey taking some of the work we’ve done at Outsports in the United States and creating something similar at SkySports.

He talks openly about the support he’s received from so many corners of the British media and sports landscape, as well as some of the unique challenges — both media and fans — he faces in the U.K. trying to tackle homophobia and transphobia.

He’s also created a group for LGBTQ members of the sports media, whose Facebook page has hundreds of people following.

Holmes has been an amazing supporter of Outsports over the years, even coming all the way from London to participate in two of our Outsports Pride events. He’s a true champion of LGBTQ people in all aspects of sports, and it was great to talk with him about his journey.

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