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San Francisco Giants incorporate the rainbow into their game jersey and cap logos for Pride

Longtime supporters of the LGBTQ community, the Giants make Pride colors a prominent part of their uniforms on Saturday.

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The Giants welcome fans with the Pride rainbow surrounding the Willie Mays statue at the Oracle Park entrance.
Instagram: @oraclepark

As if an unexpectedly scorching start that landed them the second-best record in baseball wasn’t enough, the San Francisco Giants just showed the rest of MLB how Pride month is done.

The Giants announced via the team’s Twitter account that they will be taking the field this Saturday, June 5, wearing an SF Pride logo patch on their uniform sleeves.

And to top that off, Giants players will also be wearing commemorative caps featuring the colors of the Progress Pride and Transgender Pride flags within their iconic interlocking SF logo.

Until this point, Giants jerseys evoking pride in San Francisco mostly revolved around the numbers 24 and 28. With this announcement, the Giants have become the first team in baseball history to wear the colors of the Pride flag on their on-field uniforms during a game, and doing it intertwined with their log.

The Giants are no strangers to setting new precedents for sartorially supporting the community, previously incorporating the AIDS red ribbon into their jerseys as part of the annual Until There’s a Cure Day promotion.

Now they’re following examples from teams in other major sports leagues by incorporating the colors of Pride into uniforms.

San Francisco Giants left fielder Barry Bonds gree
Even Barry Bonds looks huggable in a red ribbon jersey.
Photo credit should read MONICA M. DAVEY/AFP via Getty Images

In 2017, for example, the NWSL’s appropriately named Orlando Pride wore rainbow numbers for a 2017 match during June. In 2020, the OL Reign joined in and added their own Pride numerals.

Similarly, MLS’s Minnesota United took the pitch in 2018 sporting rainbow jersey numbers. Making this promotion extra meaningful was that Minnesota’s roster that season included Collin Martin, who had come out as gay.

US Soccer has also taken rainbow numerals national with both the USMNT and USWNT wearing them during June 2017 friendly matches.

The Giants are bringing the rainbow to the forefront making it part of their cap insignia. While black and orange are prominent parts of the Progress Pride flag, baseball fans will soon see that the SF emblem looks even better with nine additional colors.