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Drag queen, LGBT fans star alongside Serena Williams and Ukraine in new ESPN ad

ESPN features the LGBT community and the Pride rainbow in inclusive commercial for the sports network.

Drag and a rainbow-pride-colored skirt make an appearance in ESPN’s new commercial as these fans cheer on the St. Louis Blues.

ESPN is airing a new commercial that celebrates the bond-building aspect of sports. The commercial — There’s No Place Like Sports: A Seat for Everyone — highlights how people of so many diverse groups can come together through sports, even with strangers.

Among many others, the commercial features LGBT people and Pride flags, as well as stars like Serena Williams and recent events like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Sports is a welcoming place,” Seth Ader, Vice President, Brand Marketing, ESPN, told Outsports. “Where communities are formed, our most memorable experiences are shared, and inclusion is encouraged. Our spot celebrates the beautiful diversity of fandom and subtly positions ESPN as the world’s biggest sports fan.”

There are at least three shots during the commercial featuring LGBT people and the Pride flag:

LAFC fans cheer for their club wearing Pride-rainbow scarves celebrating the LGBT community...

A drag queen and friend cheer for the St. Louis Blues...

A Minnesota pro soccer fan from the Dark Clouds fan group celebrates inclusion with the tagline, “All are welcome”...

ESPN has a long-standing reputation of embracing the LGBT community. They currently have various LGBT faces of the brand who are publicly out, including Izzy Gutierrez and Outsports alum Katie Barnes.