The screamers scream while scientists/medics try to find the proper fit for transgender athletes

Protestors showed up at Georgia Tech to both oppose and support Lia Thomas' participation in the NCAA Women's Swimming National Championships. - Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, being transgender doesn't make one an all-knowing sage capable of solving the planet's most-pressing problems, or even those on the back burner.

Second, I'm not a scientist/doctor, so finding a fit for transgender female athletes is above my pay grade.

And, finally, if the world is about to implode, most likely it will be on account of evil Vladimir Putin doing something irrational, not whatever Lia Thomas does or does not accomplish in a swimming pool.

Yet we continue to hear and read apocalyptic bombast, the latest suggestion of end times found in the scribblings of Dan Wootton, an opinionist with The Daily Mail in London and a man who believes in getting right to the point. His lede on a recent column:

"This weekend the world finally woke up and realized politically correct monsters who don’t give a damn about anything other than advancing a hard left ideology are perilously close to wiping out women’s sport for good. The incongruous image of University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas—the first transgender athlete to win the NCAA title in the women's 500-yard freestyle—towering over the biologically female runner-up while being booed by the Atlanta crowd sums up the total madness of our times."

Wootton later tossed in a reference to the "woke mob" and called for an "uprising" before female sports is reduced to a frolic for "sub-par biological males."

Oh my. "Monsters" and "madness." A "mob" and an "uprising." Little wonder state politicos in Florida don't want school teachers telling the kiddies about sexual orientation and gender identity. They're just protecting the urchins from all those gay bogeymen/bogeywomen, don't you know.

All because Lia Thomas won a college swim race.

But here's where Wootton truly went off the rails: He consulted one person to prop up his end-days argument—Caitlyn Jenner.

Women and men who wear lab coats and squint into microscopes and hang medical diplomas on their office walls wrestle with the notion of fairness in sports, vis-a-vis transgender female athletes, and various governing bodies follow the scientists' findings. Or they ignore the experts and make up their own rules, depending on the mood du jour and Caster Semenya's testosterone levels.

Caster is not transgender. She's a natural-born woman, except some in the athletics world weren't (and probably still aren't) convinced, thus they had squints put the South African runner under a microscope and ultimately decided that they would permit her to toe the line in some races but sit and watch others.

So if the decision-makers don't know where a natural-born woman fits in, who's qualified to make the call on transgender athletes?

Wootton believes it's Jenner. He just "had to" have a natter with the world-renowned trans diva, as if a pair of store-bought boobs somehow transformed her into a savant with unparalleled insight.

"I think to be honest with you they’ve got to change the rules. We need a fair playing field. And right now, if we allow this, it's not a fair playing field," Jenner told Wootton. "I am firmly behind protecting women's sports. We cannot have biological boys competing against women."

Well, okay, except not so long ago Jenner was singing from a different sheet in the songbook.

"I think every trans person, if they’re into athletics, should have an opportunity to compete and to improve themselves," she told Outsports in 2020. "I think sports is such a great way to learn a lot about yourself. And yeah, I want to, hopefully they’ll have the opportunity in the future to do whatever they can do. I’m all for it. I’m all for it."

So let's be clear on something: Caitlyn Jenner doesn't open her cake hole without first sticking up a finger to determine which direction the wind is blowing. What she tells an LGBT(etc.) website isn't what she tells Fox News, not to mention the rabble when seeking the governor's office in California. She is an entitled transgender woman with a multi-million-dollar bankroll and whose home base is a Malibu mansion. Last time I checked, she is not a scientist/doctor, nor has she played one on any of her dopey reality TV shows. Her lived transgender experience has been a clownish ruse.

Yet this is who Wootton sought for insight, perhaps because she might be the only transgender person he has on speed dial. But it's like hiring Tiger Woods to teach driving lessons.

Both Wootton and Jenner are entitled to their opinions, of course, but to put it in terms of monsters and madness and mobs and uprisings? A bit much, don't you think? I mean, Vladimir Putin is a monster. His Russian army is a mob. The transgender people I know aren't trying to hurt anyone.

And let's remember one thing about Thomas and the recent NCAA swim meet: She competed in two other races, the 200- and 100-freestyles. She finished fifth in one and last in the other.

Some speculate that she tanked, but there's been no evidence to support that theory.

Just as there's no evidence that the end days for female sports is nigh due to an imagined tsunami of biologically born male bogeymen-turned-bogeywomen.

Numerous people imagined, and said, the same when Renee Richards stepped on-court at the Orange Lawn Tennis Club in New Jersey, and advanced to the semifinals of her first professional tournament in 1976. Yet here we are today, almost half a century later, and there's been no sign of a second transgender player on the women's tour.

Richards reached as high as world No. 20. Perhaps one day Thomas will be an Olympian. I suppose that depends on who's making, breaking or ignoring the rules.

In the meantime, screamers will scream and pretend to have the answers that not even the experts have.