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Sean Murphy’s big, beautiful butt is a baseball feel-good moment

Oakland Athletics catcher Sean Murphy has gotten a lot of compliments after his butt got in the way of a baseball.

Sean Murphy and his butt went viral this week.
Sean Murphy and his butt went viral this week.
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

There’s not a lot of things that get 409,000 likes and 16 million views on Twitter, but the huge, shapely butt of Oakland Athletics catcher Sean Murphy is one of them.

During Monday’s 13-2 Oakland rout of Toronto, Murphy was hit by a pitch. On more accurately, his butt got in the way of the ball:

It turned out to be a great asset, getting him to first base and causing the clip to go viral. “Have you seen the ass?” from Defector is one example of the attention it got.

Murphy said he got a lot of compliments for the moment and was enjoying the attention.

“It’s a great shot, it is,” he said. “It’s a great shot. I’m not mad at it … If it’s going to happen, you might as well enjoy it.”

“It’s crazy how social media is,” he added. “I could have hit four home runs yesterday, four grand slams, and it wouldn’t have had the attention I had last night. So it’s just crazy with social media. It’s funny.”

Our sister site Athletics Nation has a roundup of every butt, ass, cakes and cheeks pun known to man. Murphy’s butt is unifier, eliciting wonder and humor from fans gay, straight, bi or whatever their orientation.

Here are some shots for those who can’t get enough.

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