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Pro wrestling referee Devon Campbell comes out as omnisexual

Campbell, a referee for multiple Pacific Northwest promotions, announced he is omnisexual on Twitter.

Devon Campbell
Devon Campbell
Soona Price

Independent pro wrestling’s LGBTQ population added another name to its roster on Monday when referee Devon Campbell came out publicly as omnisexual in an emotional Twitter message.

“I’ve been holding back on this for a while but finally in the right headspace to say this. I am omnisexual,” Campbell wrote. “It’s been a stressful journey of self-discovery, but I’m now free. I am me.”

Based out of the Seattle area, Campbell has officiated matches in multiple Pacific Northwest independent wrestling promotions, including Without A Cause, DOA Pro Wrestling, Relentless Wrestling, POW! Pro Wrestling and Prestige Wrestling.

Still young in his career, Campbell trains under out pro wrestler and Without A Cause co-founder Dave Turner and fellow Without A Cause co-founder Chris Ross at the Drgnxplex Dojo.

Campbell received praise from friends, fans and wrestling colleagues, welcoming the love with open arms. “Thank you everyone for the love in the comments. It means the world to me,” Campbell said. “I should have waited after work to post cause now I’m all teary eyed and shaking trying to help customers lol.”

For the uninitiated, omnisexuality is often conflated with pansexuality as both orientations are attracted to all gender identities. But omnisexuality is classified separately because omnisexuals commonly factor in gender in attraction and can show a preference toward one or more genders in feeling that attraction. That being said, there is a lot of fluidity in how that manifests for individuals.

Outsports congratulates Campbell for showing strength in sharing their truth and showing that courage is contagious.