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Dennis Rodman wore a skirt and walked in the Houston Pride March

Rodman, an NBA legend, has long shared support for the LGBTQ community.

Dennis Rodman celebrates the LGBTQ community at New York City Pride.
Dennis Rodman / Instagram

Dennis Rodman has long bucked trends in men’s sports.

The Basketball Hall of Fame player retired from the NBA with five NBA titles — two with the Detroit Pistons and three with the Chicago Bulls — after a 15-season career that saw him earn seven NBA All-Defensive First Teams and seven NBA rebounding titles.

On Sunday, the NBA legend walked at least part of the Houston Pride march wearing a skirt and greeting fans along the march route to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

He also wore a shirt that said “Live and Love.”

Rodman has long flirted with his gender expression, repeatedly appearing in public in drag or even a bride’s dress.

He’s also only been tied romantically to women, marrying Carmen Electra for a second and reportedly dating gay icon Madonna.

While he has repeatedly denied that he’s bisexual, it’s clear he loves pushing buttons and exploring attire outside gender norms.

Rodman recently attended a drag show in Chicago and brought his wallet with him.

It’s quite a statement for an NBA legend like Rodman to don a skirt and walk even part of the Houston Pride March. And we’re here for it.