How does the performance of Australian women's sports in 2023 compare to the global standard?


While the Matildas may have faced defeat in the FIFA WWC semi-final, their victory resonates deeply within the hearts of Australians, as they carve out a space for women's sports in an industry historically dominated by men. Australian female athletes are now receiving the attention they rightfully deserve. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's announcement of a substantial $200 million funding injection into women's sports across the nation underscores this growing recognition. With the spotlight now shining brightly on remarkable talents like Sam Kerr, the question arises: How does the global standing of Australian women's sports fare in 2023? Let's delve into the rankings: Women’s Netball Australia: Securing the Top Spot The Diamonds proudly occupy the pinnacle, clinching the number one rank worldwide. Their triumphs span not only the first, second, fourth, and the most recent sixth Netball Commonwealth Games but also encompass a remarkable record of 12 victories out of 16 World Cup matches since the inaugural World Championships in 1963. Anticipate witnessing Australia's reigning world champion Netball team in action at the upcoming Commonwealth Games in 2026 and the Netball World Cup in 2027, both of which are set to unfold on home soil. Women’s Cricket Australia: Achieving the Prime Position Australia's women's cricket team also stakes its claim as the leading force, capturing the number one rank in their domain. Women’s Hockey Australia: A Stellar Second An achievement that often flies under the radar is the commendable ranking of the Australian women's hockey team. They secure the number two spot in the FIH Women's World Ranking, with the Netherlands being their sole contender ahead. In conclusion, Australian women's sports are ascending to new heights, captivating the nation's attention and garnering accolades on the global stage.