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Paul Bissonnette loves talking about bending guys over with ‘no spit, no lube’

Bissonnette seems to relish in graphically describing naked men and sex with them.

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Philadelphia Flyers v Chicago Blackhawks
Paul Bissonnette loves talking about sex with men.
Photo by Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

Paul Bissonnette, the former NHL player and current Barstool Sports podcaster, loves talking about sex with men and graphically describing their penises. Still, Bissonnette claims he’s “100% straight.”

One of Bissonnette’s favorite lines to use on X is about bending over men “no spit, no lube, sandpaper finish,” something he’s mentioned about a half dozen times on the platform formerly known as Twitter. When it comes to people he doesn’t like, it seems he likes to talk about screwing them.

Bissonnette’s latest reference to raping a man, as shared on Awful Announcing, came this week in regards to how his podcast would treat Columbus Blue Jackets head coach Mike Babcock, after allegations surfaced that Babcock was looking through photos on his players’ phones.

Babcock has denied the allegations.

Still, that gave Bissonnette an opportunity to talk on his podcast about men’s “throbbing dick pics” and other graphic, sexual references to men.

No doubt seeing the word “cock” in Babcock’s name gives Bissonnette a little extra thrill.

It’s par for the course with some of these guys to resort to graphic threats of rape to intimidate other men. It’s particularly unsurprising when it comes to hockey players, as Outsports has been told for many years that men’s ice hockey is the most “toxic” culture of all North American sports.

Interestingly, Bissonnette in the past parted ways with a company — Sauce Hockey — that tweeted a transphobic meme about Sydney Crosby.