Dennis Gonzalez Boneu celebrates with mixed duet teammate Mireia Hernandez Luna of Spain at the Aquatics World Championships. | Deepbluemedia/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Dennis Gonzalez is a champion artistic swimmer in Spain who’s had enough of the anti gay jerks behind their keyboards who toss homophobia his way.

The 20-year-old has won three gold medals at the European Championships, and a bunch of homophobes let him hear about it. Artistic swimming and synchronized swimming have for decades been regarded as a female sport.

Gonzalez took to TikTok to let ’em have it.

“These people are people who have never won anything in their life, they don’t know what discipline is, work, they don’t know what it is to be European champion and what all this entails,” he said, according to Beteve.

The three gold medals for Gonzalez have come in the team technical, the men’s solo technical, and the mixed duet free events.

Most of the other artistic swimming athletes at the European Championships are women, including most of the competitors in the team competition. The men’s technical final included seven men from six different countries.

A male artistic swimmer is fodder for homophobes much the same way figure skaters have been for years.

Gonzalez, who certainly isn’t new to hearing homophobia, said he isn’t clapping back at the homophobes for himself. He can take it. He thinks of the other people — young and old, and particularly children — it can affect.

“I am not affected by these comments,” he said, “but the day they affect someone and have an impact on their decision, I will care and I will not remain silent.”

He has been wildly successful in the sport, winning nine gold medals, 12 silver and two bronze on the world stage. And that doesn’t include national and regional events.

Gonzalez has said he is not going to compete at the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics, instead focusing on Los Angeles in 2028.

Outsports is not aware of how Gonzalez identifies.

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