Mexico were unable to find a way past Ecuador at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on Sunday. | Alvaro Davila/Jam Media/Getty Images

Mexico has been eliminated from the Copa America with their supporters’ all-too-familiar anti-gay chant ringing in the players’ ears.

“El Tri” will jointly host the FIFA World Cup in two years, but their fans’ insistence on chanting a homophobic slur shows no signs of abating, despite THREE separate stadium announcements Sunday.

A crowd of 62,565 were at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Az., for Mexico’s must-win Group B game against Ecuador. The match ended 0-0.

As well as the multiple announcements, a warning was displayed in Spanish on the big screen. It read: “The referee has indicated that the match could be suspended due to discriminatory behaviour among spectators. Discrimination in football stadiums is not tolerated. If this continues, the match will be suspended, and eventually canceled.”

A warning to the fans was displayed on the LED board at State Farm Stadium (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Among the Mexico fans present Sunday was politician Jorge Maynez, one of the candidates for president in the country’s recent election.

In a video posted to his X account, the 38-year-old deplored the chant. 

“The same joy you feel when you are with thousands of Mexicans watching your team turns into shame when you hear this discriminatory cry in Pride month,” said Maynez.

He added: “Let this be the last time that something against rights and freedoms is shouted in a national team match… never again that shout.

“It is a pride to have this flag, it is a pride to have this shield; but please, let this be the last time that something in favor of discrimination is heard.”

Despite numerous attempts at anti-discrimination campaigns, the chant has plagued the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) for years.

And the people supporting this match simply don’t care, as they are making too much money to worry about those pesky gay people.

Matches have had to be played behind closed doors, and fines levied. The Mexican Soccer Federation has appealed a FIFA disciplinary committee edict from the Qatar 2022 World Cup at the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Mexico fans clearly chanted the anti-gay slur. And Mexico protests.

The Copa America tournament, organized by the CONMEBOL confederation, is said to be using the FIFA protocol on discriminatory chanting. 

This is a three-step protocol that gives match officials the option to stop, suspend or even abandon a game should the chanting persist.

Earlier in June, Mexico’s pre-tournament friendly against Uruguay in Denver was suspended for a period of time due to the chant. But then the match was restarted. Mexico lost that game, 4-0.

Yes, Mexico’s soccer team absolutely sucks right now. And that has exacerbated the problem.

Three days later, the chant was heard once more when Mexico lost 3-2 to Brazil at Kyle Field in College Station, Texas. Again, the referee briefly suspended the match while a warning message was played out over the stadium speakers, with the game then restarted.

Should the chanting occur during Mexico’s home World Cup, FIFA would be under considerable pressure to take more decisive action.

Mexico will play two of their Group A games at the 87,000-capacity Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, and the other fixture in Guadalajara.