Angel Reese has always showed her personality on the court. This week, it also came out during an awkward Zoom interview. | Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, Chicago Sky sensation Angel Reese carved a place for herself in WNBA history with a record-shattering 13th consecutive double-double.

Then during the postgame press conference, she set a new standard for double takes with her priceless response to overhearing a bit of risqué dialogue during a zoom interview.

Following Chicago’s loss to Seattle, Reese was answering media queries with Head Coach Teresa Weatherspoon and teammate Marina Mabrey.

Usually, these questions are pretty rote. “What does it mean to you to set a new league record during your rookie year?” “Would it be feel better if your performance came in a win?” etc.

The three were prepared for inquiries like that. Instead, what they got was a woman’s voice asking:

“Ever going to have an intimate relationship?”

All that was missing was a record scratch. This was certainly going to be a new way for the players to use “We’re just trying to take it one game at a time.”

“I’m sorry, the last part cut off,” Reese answered, attempting to keep a sense of professional decorum.

Which was difficult to maintain when they heard a new voice interject, “That’s an uncomfortable topic!”

Then the Sky’s media relations rep interrupted to ask, “Can you repeat your question, Jordan?” Which led to a man’s voice declaring, “I have no interest in being intimate with anyone!”

With stellar comic timing, Reese clapped her hand to her mouth. 

Her response was legitimately laugh-out-loud funny.

Then after realizing they were listening to dialogue from some sportswriter’s TV, the interview sound cut off just as Reese turned to Weatherspoon and Mabrey and declared, “Ooooh, they gonna get fined!”

It later turned out that the three were overhearing the zoom feed picking up on an episode of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Her reaction created a dynamic that “Big Bang Theory” dialogue sometimes missed on: actual laughter.

Realizing that the moment was going to follow her for a while, Reese decided to have fun with it. She responded to a Twitter user aggregating screenshots of her most priceless reactions by tweeting “I was shook” followed by two cry laughing emojis.

If the Sky marketing department wants to create the most popular fashion in all of Chicago, they need to put Reese’s side eye on a jersey.