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How celebrity fitness instructor Jason Wimberly became ‘The Naked Trainer’

Wimberly, who’s taught nearly 8,000 fitness classes, underwent an epiphany following a personal tragedy.

Gay pro basketball player Isaac Humphries is returning to his old team

Humphries is the latest gay athlete who’s thrived since publicly coming out.

Olympic boxer Harry Garside says he’s proud to wear a dress

The bronze medalist has made it his mission to challenge gender norms.

This college hockey player came out publicly, in response to NHL players refusing to wear Pride jerseys

Carson Gates says he came out to show that queer people belong in hockey.

Gay pro baseball player Bryan Ruby fought with others to preserve Pride in his home state, and won

Ruby campaigned with other LGBTQ advocates for Pride to survive in Franklin, Tenn.

Out gay Olympian Bruce Mouat just won another gold medal

Mouat and Team Scotland recently clinched the Wold Men’s Curling Championship title.

Young transgender runner beats West Virginia in Supreme Court over trans athlete ban

Becky Pepper-Jackson can remain on her middle school’s girls track team.

Gary Bettman confirms the NHL created its own Pride Night mess

The NHL commissioner said the league mandated that all players wear Pride jerseys, without ensuring there was full buy-in.

England’s 1st out transgender soccer referee is the star of a new documentary

Lucy Clark is a standard-bearer for out trans officials across the world.

These queer roller skaters have formed their own group to take back the skate park

Leo Ollie and Alexis Craig Fonseca say roller skating liberated them, and they want other queer folx to experience the same euphoria.