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Gay sports bar Gym closes West Hollywood location due to COVID-19 pandemic

Gym Sportsbar is closing its West Hollywood location after a nearly 11-year run because of the pandemic.

Collin Martin has been out for a while. We just didn’t know it.

The MLS player frequented a D.C. gay bar and was out to teammates in two cities.

Boxers gay sports bar has found success in New York and beyond

Outsports Pride will kick off at Boxers in Hell’s Kitchen, June 21.

Philadelphia fans flocked to a gay bar in Minneapolis because it has ‘Eagle’ in its name

It’s not that kind of Eagle.

Want a gay sports bar to watch Super Bowl LII? Check out our list.

At least 20 cities in America now have sports bars catering to the LGBT community.

Philly gay sports bar calls foul on discrimination

Boxers lawsuit claims mistreatment for gay clientele.

Gay sports bar Boxers gets OK for liquor license at new NYC location

San Francisco to gets its first gay sports bar, Hi Tops

Gay sports bars and the marginalization of gay sports fans in the LGBT 'community'

Gay sports bars popping up

Second gay sports bar headed for Chelsea

Gym Sportsbar opens in Los Angeles