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Amateur bowler comes out and follows through on a comeback

Decorated amateur bowler Christine Rebstock is beginning to live her truth and bring her game back to life as well.

Penn State bowler’s only regret was not coming out sooner as bi

Tim Culin-Couwels kept his bisexuality hidden at Penn State and he learned a valuable lesson about acceptance.

Genderqueer bisexual bowler finds their lane at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt University sophomore Braeden Abrahamsen, who is nonbinary, decided to tell their story on the Transgender Day of Visibility.

Professional bowler Liz Johnson marries her girlfriend

Johnson married Kasia Kaufman in a small ceremony.

Out lesbian Liz Johnson wins PBA Tour event, only second woman to do so

Johnson has been quietly out for years, set to marry her fiancée soon.

Professional bowler feels ‘damn lucky’ to be gay

Professional bowler Anthony Pepe tells his “beautiful haters” that he didn’t choose to be gay, he just got lucky.

Pro Bowler: 'God made me a genuine gay man'

Professional Bowler Anthony Pepe came out publicly on Facebook this week, telling his followers they can unfriend him if they can't respect him being gay.

Scott Norton bowling on ESPN

Scott Norton was first showed kissing his husband after a tournament on ESPN. He bowled in the 50th Barbasol PBA Tournament of Champions.

ESPN's first gay kiss was of bowler Scott Norton

Scott Norton kissed his husband on ESPN after a win and the network didn't shy away from it.