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This gay college basketball coach fell in love with her best friend, and now wants the world to know

Kelly McNiff originally bonded with her wife over basketball. Their relationship eventually grew to include everything else.

Coach Rick Schantz is returning to the pitch after defending homophobia. This time he wants to build inclusion

Schantz has spoken to people in the LGBTQ community. He now understands the impact of his mistakes.

This gay gymnastics coach and his team instantly embraced a transitioning teammate

Denis Vachon coaches gymnastics in Canada. His team of mostly male gymnasts instantly embraced a transitioning teammate.

Celebrating LGBTQ sports history: Division 1 coach Kirk Walker comes out as gay

Every day in October we’re looking back at the athletes, coaches and events that made LGBTQ sports history.

As a coach and teacher, Jarrin Williams is a rock in Rock Island

Jarrin Williams is out, proud and emerging as a leader in his school and in his hometown.

This stream has:

Out in the World: Looking back and forward with our out LGBTQ athletes of the past

In our newest series at Outsports, we’re diving deep into our archives to find athletes, coaches and other sports personnel to revisit their coming out stories and learn what they’re doing now.

Texas swim coach has championed inclusion at USA Swimming and across the sport

Mitch Dalton has found it hard to date and make gay friends traveling so much. He hopes to change that in Austin.

Gay WNBA coach Curt Miller opens up about bubble life: ‘It feels like Groundhog Day’

The Connecticut Sun head coach is back in the playoffs, and attempting to lead his team through the most challenging season in memory, all while trying to maintain sanity.

Tell your coming out story on Outsports

You can change the lives of LGBT athletes simply by telling your story. If you're an LGBT athlete, coach or sports administrator, and you're ready to share, we'd love for you to tell your story on Outsports.

Out volleyball coach reflects positive attitude to players amid pandemic

A victim of the unemployment crisis caused by the pandemic, Morgan Dalziel returned home to coach high school girls’ volleyball and make a plan for his future.

This coach came out at an NCAA convention. Now he leads the LGBTQ-inclusion program OneTeam

Neil Virtue is proud of the work OneTeam has done in the last year, and he’s hoping for more in the near future.

Conversation: How to support an LGBTQ athlete coming out on your team

Five coaches from across sports discussed how to handle the situation when an LGBTQ athlete comes out on your team.

This gay college rowing coach has had 9 athletes come out to him

Imran Malik, who coaches the rowing team at Arizona State University, says he feels a special bond with his athletes.

Gay college football player now an Ohio high school coach

Wyatt Pertuset, who made history two years ago, is joining the staff of a high school football team in Ohio.

Legendary gay wrestling coach and sports writer releases perfectly timed cookbook of ‘comfort food’

Roger Brigham has been working on a book of recipes for three years. He didn’t think he’d live to see it published.

This coach was fired for being lesbian. She says this SCOTUS decision is bigger than marriage

Lisa Howe coached soccer at Belmont Univ. until 2010, when she told the school she was having a baby with her wife.

Supreme Court gives sports owners the signal: It’s good to hire LGBT

By a vote of 6-3, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that LGBT employees have the same protections from discrimination as anyone else. How will this decision impact the major sports leagues?

WATCH: Gay college basketball coach featured on ‘Tamron Hall’ show

Matt Lynch, an openly gay men’s basketball coach, was featured in a Pride episode of the "Tamron Hall" show.

30 Moments of Pride: Katie Sowers is first gay coach in Super Bowl

Katie Sowers made history in two ways when Super Bowl LIV kicked off in February.

This gay college coach has found acceptance and success in conservative America

When Giovana Melo moved from Brazil to Nebraska to play volleyball, she embarked on a journey of sports and love.

Swimming coach Emma Collings-Barnes: ‘I live my best life because I’m a lesbian’

Emma Collings-Barnes represented Great Britain as a swimmer before moving into coaching. She shared her story with Sky Sports for Lesbian Visibility Week.

Katie Sowers has raised $3,000 for Meals on Wheels San Francisco in coronavirus crisis

Katie Sowers, the first gay NFL assistant coach, is using her platform to raise money to provide food during the coronavirus crisis.

Gay basketball coach and educator Anthony Nicodemo says coronavirus will have everlasting impact on society

Nicodemo says the coronavirus outbreak is exposing the inequities in our society and education system.

Jason Jaramillo: ‘I couldn’t imagine being a closeted coach’

An out college basketball assistant coach notes the best coaching comes from being your best self.

College basketball coach has seen incredible acceptance since coming out as trans

Layne Ingram had his team off to a hot start before injuries. He wants to spend 2020 making a difference for LGBTQ youth.

Small campus. Big pride.

Pride On The Court at Sarah Lawrence College took another leap forward in year three, and seeks more in year four.

Amanda Kulas: standing out and standing up

Collegiate track grad assistant Amanda Kulas is working to help make sport a safer space for LGBTQ athletes.

Was Super Bowl LIV the LGBTQest — and greatest — one ever?

In addition to lots of drama on the field, Super Bowl LIV was packed with LGBTQ representation on the sidelines, on the halftime stage and on the TV.

Winners, losers and Super Bowl hopefuls

Each week, Outsports’ managing editor selects big stories from the past 7 days of LGBTQ sports coverage, but this week we’re all about the Big Game.

Who cares that 49ers coach Katie Sowers is a woman and openly gay? We all should

Katie Sowers is being celebrated for a reason, as a role model for women and LGBTQ people in sports.

Reax to Katie Sowers going to the Super Bowl is giving us life

Forget the haters. The buzz around 49ers Assistant coach Katie Sowers and her historic role in the Super Bowl is what we need right now.

49ers’ Katie Sowers first woman and first openly gay coach in Super Bowl history

Katie Sowers makes history as a woman and LGBTQ person when the San Francisco 49ers reach the Super Bowl.