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Taylor Edelmann applies pioneering past to help the future

When the NCAA opened competition to transgender student-athletes in 2011, Edelmann was among the first to play

Most out LGBTQ athletes say their teammates ‘never’ targeted them with slurs, study shows

LGBTQ athletes report hearing anti-LGBTQ language from a minority of teammates, though it’s still too many.

Out basketball coach Seth Hayes found ‘family’ after coming out. Now she’s doing the same for others

Denison University’s Seth Hayes found acceptance after coming out as gay in high school and now genderqueer in coaching.

Ultimate player Irene Zhou finds her comfort zone in her team’s accepting atmosphere

Zhou has flourished with her LGBTQ teammates, who use ‘that’s gay’ as a compliment.

E Kerr is moving ahead by leaving the game behind

Transition meant ending their softball-playing career, but staying close to their college team as a manager.

Out In Sports study proves what we’ve known for years: Athletes support LGBTQ teammates

For years out LGBTQ athletes have talked about receiving support from teammates. Now we have the proof.

Gay college soccer player came out to his team in Kentucky. Their response was ‘perfect’

Thomas Roth found widespread acceptance from teammates in Kentucky when he came out to them in 2018.

Out players in men’s Big 5 sports report wide levels of acceptance, survey finds

Outsports-sponsored survey of out athletes in football, men’s basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey found 71.7% having at least a ‘good’ experience.

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Out In Sports Study: Out LGBTQ athletes report deep, widespread acceptance from teammates

A new study by Outsports, Univ. of Winchester and Sports Equality Foundation shatters perceptions of LGBTQ hate in sports.

When this gay college soccer player was called a slur by an opponent, his team rallied around him to a 5-0 win

Couper Gunn had talked openly with his team about gay slurs and their impact on him. It impacted him that night.

Kansas State and Jordy Nelson drop anti-gay group Young Life from Wildcats fundraiser this weekend

K-State and Nelson agreed to cut ties with the organization after hearing from LGBTQ people.

Olympic Diver Jordan Windle has stood up for gay athletes after being bullied himself

Jordan Windle is straight but has a gay dad. Now with Greg Louganis’ help, he’s competing in the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

NCAA under pressure from LGBTQ orgs to deny championships to trans ban states

The heads of GLAAD and Athlete Ally teamed-up to challenge NCAA governors to "do what’s right" for transgender athletes.

The ban on this trans student-athlete in Idaho is up to the judges now

An inside look at Monday’s appeal hearing, which opened a week in which inclusion won two legislative fights, in Kansas and Louisiana.

Have you been out to teammates? Please take this important, confidential survey

A new survey studies the experiences of LGBTQ athletes who have been out on high school or college teams.

Dropping Lords and Ladies would make my college more trans-friendly

Students at Ohio’s Kenyon College believe the school’s Lords and Ladies nicknames are transphobic. This (old) alumnus has come to agree with them.

NCAA clarifies it hasn’t actually made a decision about championships in states with anti-trans laws

In a new statement, the NCAA expresses support for trans athletes, but is vague on specifics.

Cisgender athlete advocates vs. trans inclusion activists, with girls caught in the middle

For the past two months, Outsports has been investigating claims by the Women’s Sports Policy Working Group and counter-claims by advocates for trans inclusion. Here’s what we found.

NCAA LGBTQ group publishes letter demanding lawmakers stop anti-trans laws

The NCAA’s Division III LGBTQ OneTeam Program says the wave of anti-trans legislation is "dangerous."

MLB shows NCAA what it should do to hate states targeting trans student-athletes

While the NCAA watches states ban trans girls and women. MLB took action against Georgia for restricting voting rights, pulling the All-Star Game from Atlanta.

Quill Graham is a college swimmer and our student-athlete Triumph Award winner

The Triumph Awards, in partnership with NCLR, honor UW-Oshkosh swimmer Quill Graham’s willingness to be a visible beacon of hope for inclusion.

These two out college runners are demanding NCAA stand up for trans rights

Alana Bojar and Aliya Schenck spearheaded a letter to the NCAA pushing for the organization to pull championship events from states engaged in anti-trans legislation.

545 Athletes to NCAA: ‘You have been silent’ as anti-trans laws flourish, and it must stop

A letter signed by hundreds of NCAA student-athletes demands the organization move tournaments out of states considering or enacting anti-transgender legislation.

UCLA kicks runner off team after alleged racist and homophobic remarks

Chris Weiland, a senior, was removed from the men’s cross country and track and field teams following outcry from other athletes.

Mack Beggs quotes Dr. Seuss to tell transphobic state lawmakers: ‘We’re here!’

Collegiate wrestler Mack Beggs tag teams with a Kansas healthcare provider to build national networks of advocacy and resistance.

Out soccer player Collin Martin joins gay college soccer captain in a TikTok conversation

The San Diego Loyals’ Collin Martin was on TikTok Friday night talking with out gay college soccer captain Couper Gunn of the Sports Equality Foundation.

Volleyball coach Jen Fry is bringing equality to the playing field

Fry’s experience as a volleyball player and coach fuel her drive for inclusion.

NCAA takes a stand for inclusion as states target trans student-athletes: Is it enough?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association tells Outsports it is monitoring efforts by Montana and other states aimed at restricting transgender student-athletes.

Here’s a great way to start 2021: Come out

It’s a new year! Unfortunately, Some of 2020’s worst problems followed us into 2021, like the dearth of out pro male athletes. A New Year’s message from the managing editor.

This gay Stanford volleyball player came out to his team, and then his sport got cut

Justin Lui says he’s cherishing the final weeks he’ll spend with his teammates, and is enraged at Stanford’s decision to cut the program.

Clemson Tigers celebrate out LGBTQ athletes and coaches in ‘My Story’ campaign

9 athletes and coaches come out publicly, supported by Clemson. ‘I’ve never experienced anything like this,’ says one.

After trying to save Minnesota’s track & field team, this gay All-American runner is heading west

Dawson LaRance will run track and start his graduate program at Colorado State University next spring.


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