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college basketball

Brittney Griner makes emotional return to Baylor for jersey retirement

After allegedly telling Griner to hide her sexuality, Baylor tries to make amends by giving her an honor and celebration she richly deserves.

Duke basketball star Jared McCain paints his nails, ignores ‘grown men’ haters

Jared McCain was a social-media star before he arrived at Duke. The freshman is already one of the team’s top scorers.

Here are 21 LGBTQ college basketball players and 57 coaches who have been out while competing

The college basketball season is upon us, and we celebrate various LGBTQ players and coaches who have inspired others.

Matt Lynch, only out gay men’s college basketball coach, relishes challenge as season starts

Matt Lynch is fully focused on his first season, but he recognizes ‘being a head college basketball coach and openly gay definitely makes me unique.’

I didn’t like Dylan Mulvaney’s March Madness video. Her Super Bowl ad? I’m in.

The fun a company could have with Dylan Mulvaney in a Super Bowl ad knows no bounds.

Jason Collins raising money for only out gay men’s college basketball coach

Matt Lynch, in his first shot at a head coaching job, needs the money to build a program from scratch.

West Virginia consequences for Bob Huggins get 1 thing right and 4 things wrong

Do the punishment, outreach and education fit Huggins’ repeated use of slurs and LGBTQ insults? Absolutely not.

Bob Huggins’ public comments were the most homophobic we’ve heard in sports since Tim Hardaway in 2007

Huggins knew the power of gay slurs and the potential career-ending repercussions. Inexplicably, he did it anyway.

The number of out coaches in women’s college basketball has exploded. Why?

How marriage, social media and a few trailbazers opened the door to a slew of coaches being out.

Three of the women’s Elite 8 teams — Iowa, Maryland and Miami — have publicly out coaches

Not so long ago, it was hard to find any out LGBT coaches in NCAA college basketball.

Katie Meier is out LGBT married coach of Miami Hurricanes women’s basketball

Meier will face off against Kim Mulkey, who reportedly told gay athletes to stay in the closet.

Baylor and Oral Roberts top the March Madness field when it comes to homophobia

The two religious universities have onerous histories when it comes to treating LGBTQ students with dignity.

New Mexico State cancels basketball season after sexual hazing allegations

A player accused three teammates of stripping him down and touching his private areas.

Women’s college basketball coach Becky Burke proposes to her girlfriend

The head coach at the University of Buffalo made a surprise proposal at practice.

Matt Lynch is first out gay head coach in men’s college basketball

Lynch finalizes a deal at University of South Carolina Salkehatchie, a Division I junior college. He is excited to put his stamp on the program.

Former Kentucky Wildcat, pro basketball player Isaac Humphries comes out as gay

Isaac Humphries also played 5 games for the Atlanta Hawks in 2019. He’s the latest pro athlete to come out as gay.

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Gay college basketball player wants to inspire others to come out

‘I want to shift the conversation away from being the one gay basketball kid,’ Joe Morrell writes. ‘I am not the only one, I am one of many.’

Trans basketball coach Layne Ingram discusses trans inclusion in sports on Dr. Phil

Dr Phil talks about trans inclusion in women’s sports on his episode this Friday.

Sedona Prince inspired a 14-year-old girl to come out as gay

The out college basketball star and the girl met at the NCAA Women’s Final Four.

Shaheen Holloway coaching Seton Hall years after recruiting gay player Derrick Gordon

The now-former Saint Peter’s coach was reportedly instrumental in bringing the out gay player to Seton Hall.

Out basketball player Courtney Thrun thrives in Brandeis’s culture of acceptance

After feeling repressed in her hometown, Thrun finds the open environment she’d been looking for under out head coach Carol Simon.

Norfolk State men’s basketball SID is an out gay man, Thomas Wehner

Wehner said the Norfolk State Spartans basketball team welcomed him ‘with open arms.’

Baylor and BYU are in March Madness. They’ve also been named 2 of the worst schools for LGBTQ youth

Both universities own ignominious places on Campus Pride’s "Shame List."

LGBTQ connections to every team in the women’s NCAA basketball tournament

Schools like Stanford, Texas and NC State, among others, have a history of out athletes, coaches and staff.

Here is an LGBTQ connection to all 68 teams in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament

March Madness includes schools with great LGBTQ records, and some that could use some work.

How this men’s college basketball coach told his new team he was gay

Matt Lynch started his first season as an assistant coach with a simple question to his players: ‘Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a boyfriend.’

Villanova star Will Sheridan to be inducted into state basketball hall of fame

The former Villanova star came out 10 years ago and is being honored in Delaware for his accomplishments.

I’m gay: Director of Wisconsin men’s basketball operations comes out

Marc VandeWettering has thrived with the Badgers’ basketball team by being himself. He wants other LGBTQ people in sports to feel comfortable enough to come out.

Doshia Woods is DU’s head coach, and being gay is just one of her intersections

Out lesbian Doshia Woods completed her first season as a head coach in NCAAW Division I.

Kim Mulkey brings problematic history with LGBTQ athletes to LSU

The Hall of Famer won three National Titles at Baylor. But Mulkey also insisted Brittney Griner remain in the closet during her time at the university.

NCAA’s Sedona Prince of viral TikTok fame shares her coming out story

In a new interview, the Oregon Ducks forward speaks on activism, gay visibility, and using their TikTok platform to speak out.

‘Find The Joy’: Gay college basketball coach’s amazing year after coming out 

Matt Lynch came out a year ago while unemployed and during a pandemic. It was one of the best decisions he ever made.