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Here is an LGBTQ connection to all 68 teams in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament

March Madness includes schools with great LGBTQ records, and some that could use some work.

Sports Illustrated profiles Lia Thomas with rare interview

Thomas gives personal insight on the last few months headed to Ivy Championships, the NCAAs and beyond.

Lia Thomas and Iszac Henig will compete in the NCAA Division 1 swim championships

They will be the first out trans athletes to compete at a Division 1 championship meet in NCAA history.

Lia Thomas won 4 Ivy League titles, set multiple records. Iszac Henig won 2 championships

Thomas and Henig each had record-setting performances in the Ivy League Championships.

Lia Thomas wins individual Ivy League championship, first trans athlete to do so

Lia Thomas won the women’s 500-free at the Ivy League Championship, setting a pool record.

Lia Thomas competing at Ivy League championships is a fair deal

Thomas has endured public attacks while the Ivy League and Penn remained silent for too long.

Lia Thomas will swim in Ivy League championships, conference says

Conference notes NCAA policy for current year only applies to NCAA championships.

USA Swimming unveils new trans policy, could impact Lia Thomas’ championship hopes

The NCAA has said it will defer its trans policies to governing bodies. League championships are in two weeks.

Lia Thomas skips final dual meet, to dismay of anti-trans protestors

Penn-West Chester was a planned rest week as Thomas looks to Ivy League and NCAA championship meets.

Samantha Shelton, Lucas Draper and Brooke Forde show wisdom and sportsmanship in support of Lia Thomas

As the debate surrounding trans athletes continues, some of Thomas’ peers stood up in word and deed.

Out Princeton wrestler says he quit the team due to rampant homophobia

AJ Lonski, a junior, details a vile culture where animosity towards LGBTQ people is part of everyday life.

NCAA Division III names its LGBTQ athlete, administrator and athletic department of the year

The honorees have all used sports to bring people together and promote LGBTQ inclusion.

Lia Thomas swims to two wins in Penn-Harvard dual meet

After a quiet afternoon in Cambridge, uncertainty looms for Thomas as NCAA transgender policy shifts.

NCAA changes its policy on trans inclusion to mirror the Olympics

The policy, which will be adopted immediately, could bring a new twist to the Lia Thomas saga.

Golf pro-turned-law student Maya Reddy spoke out amid college swim controversy

Reddy and fellow law students spoke out for Lia Thomas as she discusses in The Trans Sporter Room.

A man is competing in Division I women’s swimming, but it isn’t Lia Thomas

Iszac Henig made national headlines when he won several races for Yale this past weekend.

Trans swimmers Lia Thomas and Iszac Henig went head-to-head in the pool, each getting wins

Thomas showed slower times in her two wins, as Yale transgender swimmer Iszac Henig showed speed, beating Thomas head-to-head.

Kristi Noem’s latest anti-trans athlete proposal could backfire on her

Noem’s political theatre may collide with legal and sports reality.

College baseball player comes out, hopes he can help others accept themselves

Brian Zapp is a D1 baseball player who wants to build awareness in sports. His team says they are proud of him.

Anti-trans panic comes to an Ivy League pool

A college swimmer is the latest trans woman athlete-turned-transphobe’s latest "villain."

Trans swimmer Lia Thomas is the center of a brewing culture war. Why is the LGBTQ community silent?

Lia Thomas is shattering records in the pool. It’s time we and the NCAA engage on her performance.

Trans college swimmer Lia Thomas set two conference records this weekend

The senior swimmer at Penn set school and Ivy League records, and perhaps set up a run at NCAA history.

Univ. of Colorado creates first full scholarship to support LGBTQ inclusion in sports

Two Colorado Buffaloes athletes will receive full-tuition scholarships for supporting the LGBTQ community.

Taylor Edelmann applies pioneering past to help the future

When the NCAA opened competition to transgender student-athletes in 2011, Edelmann was among the first to play

Most out LGBTQ athletes say their teammates ‘never’ targeted them with slurs, study shows

LGBTQ athletes report hearing anti-LGBTQ language from a minority of teammates, though it’s still too many.

Out basketball coach Seth Hayes found ‘family’ after coming out. Now she’s doing the same for others

Denison University’s Seth Hayes found acceptance after coming out as gay in high school and now genderqueer in coaching.

Ultimate player Irene Zhou finds her comfort zone in her team’s accepting atmosphere

Zhou has flourished with her LGBTQ teammates, who use ‘that’s gay’ as a compliment.

E Kerr is moving ahead by leaving the game behind

Transition meant ending their softball-playing career, but staying close to their college team as a manager.

Out In Sports study proves what we’ve known for years: Athletes support LGBTQ teammates

For years out LGBTQ athletes have talked about receiving support from teammates. Now we have the proof.

Gay college soccer player came out to his team in Kentucky. Their response was ‘perfect’

Thomas Roth found widespread acceptance from teammates in Kentucky when he came out to them in 2018.

Out players in men’s Big 5 sports report wide levels of acceptance, survey finds

Outsports-sponsored survey of out athletes in football, men’s basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey found 71.7% having at least a ‘good’ experience.

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Out In Sports Study: Out LGBTQ athletes report deep, widespread acceptance from teammates

A new study by Outsports, Univ. of Winchester and Sports Equality Foundation shatters perceptions of LGBTQ hate in sports.


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