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Coming Out Stories

Outsports' list of coming out stories from LGBT people in sports.

Confrontation with angry parent showed volleyball coach he made right decision by coming out

Out volleyball player and coach Brett Thompson tells a parent that ‘whom I choose to love has no effect on my abilities to coach.’

Gay athlete found his niche and his husband through rowing

Erik Limpitlaw had great success in rowing even as he struggled with his sexuality. Years later, he is happy and fulfilled.

This gay hockey player was sick of hearing slurs from his team. So he came out to them with this speech

Brock Weston knew it was time to come out to his hockey team. ‘I didn’t choose this, and I hope you won’t turn on me.’

Champion British sprinter Ethan Akanni says coming out as gay helped propel him to the gold

In a first-person essay for SkySports, Akanni attributes his newfound confidence on the track to coming out publicly.

Gay ex-football player looks to make his mark as athletic trainer

With a newfound sense of confidence as a gay man, Kevin Pereira pursues his athletic passion.

When gay tennis player hit rock bottom, a friend’s actions spurred him to come out

Greg Nelson struggled with coming out until he finally found a helping hand and the strength to be himself.

College basketball coach comes out as gay, because ‘I don’t want to die with the lie’

After 10 years and in a period of great uncertainty, Matt Lynch decides he could hide no more and strives to be a role model for other LGBTQ coaches.

Gay college baseball player opens up and finds teammates have his back

Brett Lysohir’s senior season ended abruptly, but not until after he showed his teammates the real him.

Engaged to the love of his life, gay former college swimmer still comes out each day

Mike Del Moro swam better after coming out at Tufts University, and a decade later realizes one never stops coming out.

Gay college tennis player goes from in the closet to organizing Pride Night

Caroline Mattise found her voice at Monmouth University after years of feeling she had to hide who she was.

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Olympic swimmer performed at his peak after coming out as gay

"After letting my walls down and coming out to the team, I felt like I could finally be me," Canada’s Markus Thormeyer says.

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Out sports reporter makes her mark at University of Missouri radio station

Lauren Rosenberg is the first out LGBTQ sports reporter at the University of Missouri’s campus radio station, KCOU, and also a pioneer for women.

Gay football player felt driven from Miami Hurricanes by anti-gay taunts

T.J. Callan played for the University of Miami until he felt he would never be accepted as a gay man by coaches, players or staff.

From near tragedy, St. Bonaventure runner thrives after coming out 

Dahron Wells struggled with his sexuality and it nearly cost him his life. But he’s now out and proud and helping other athletes reach their potential.

A gay rower’s viral post about homophobia shows power of coming out

Simon Haerinck, a gay rower in Belgium, saw his post about homophobia in sports go viral and inspired him to do more.

Transgender golfer looking to make her mark on World Long Drive Tour

Jamie O’Neill tackles her next challenge.

Gay college hockey team manager finds perfect fit with ‘amazing group of guys’

After coming out to his University of Connecticut team, Gavin Parker finds the strength to be himself and be visible

Gay college runner realized he could make a difference for LGBTQ athletes without being perfect

Nicholas Turco is living authentically as a gay athlete after realizing he no longer had to live up to his idea of being perfect.

Gay college swimmer inspired by boyfriend to come out

Even in his darkest moments, Matthew Dynneson found the inner strength to make peace with himself.

For bi captain, college football team wearing Pride stickers meant everything

After coming out as bi to his Pomona-Pitzer teammates in California, linebacker Jack Storrs has thrived on and off the field with their love and support.

Gay 2020 Olympic track hopeful lets his performance do the talking

Race walker Matthew Forgues chose to live visibly as an out gay athlete so that ‘some kid struggling with their sexuality or gender identity in a tiny town will realize that they have a place in sport. ‘

A gay rowing coach rekindles love of sport after finally accepting himself

Marco Biagio, a South African rowing coach working in Germany, learned that hiding his true self only isolated him from his teammates. Now happily married, it’s something he now tries to help other youngsters realize.

Death of gay brother spurred gay athlete to come out and pursue career in sports administration

Dakota Boring was devastated by his younger brother’s death, but it spurred him to come out and pursue his passion.

Raised a Mormon, gay Utah goalie overcomes hate and bullying to find happiness

Carly Nelson was isolated and bullied after coming out as gay as a Mormon. At the University of Utah, she has found love and acceptance.

It was a simple team photo, but it meant the world to gay high school football player

15-year-old sophomore Jake Streder seriously thought of quitting his Illinois football team after being outed, but he decided to embrace who he was and it made all the difference.

Saying ‘I am gay’ in the mirror led college track athlete on path to acceptance

An injury forced Dalten Fox to come to terms with being gay and the Colorado State athlete soared from there.

Once in the closet, gay hockey player voted high school’s homecoming king

Anthony Arnoni felt alone in the closet in Illinois until a YouTube video helped change his life and lead to experiences he never would have imagined.

A shattering sexual assault led gay athlete to confront his identity and seize control of his life

After coming out as gay, Jonathan Vriesema is now dedicated to promote inclusiveness of LGTBQ people in athletics.

76ers made gay employee immediately feel like part of the family

Lee Cary felt lost after coming out as gay. But he has found personal and professional satisfaction with the Philadelphia 76ers.

For gay tennis player, reconciling his faith was a spur for him to come out

College freshman Colby Grey grew up hearing his church condemn gay people, but he realized they were twisting the Bible and he stayed true to himself.

This college decathlete came out as gay over a game of Risk

Ryan Chase, a University of New Mexico decathlete, has found happiness — and his boyfriend — after coming out as gay.

Gay college sailor elected captain after finally coming out to his parents

John DeRuff found that coming out to his college teammates was the easy part. His parents were another story.


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