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Coming Out Stories

Outsports' list of coming out stories from LGBT people in sports.

Gay college sailor elected captain after finally coming out to his parents

John DeRuff found that coming out to his college teammates was the easy part. His parents were another story.

They’re gay, married and coach volleyball together on the same college team

Coleman Lee and Garrett Case have found each other and their dream job coaching college volleyball in Missouri as an out, gay married couple.

A coach and a sport helped college runner come out as gay

Jacob Grinwis fell in love with running and came out. He didn’t let homophobic comments stop him from attending his dream school, Boise State.

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Celebrating Black LGBTQ sports history: NFL free agent Ryan Russell comes out as bisexual

Ryan Russell wants to land back in the NFL. Being his true self is now paramount for his life’s next chapter.

College football player had his best season after coming out as gay

Avery Saffold felt he had to live up to an image of being a black athlete from the city. Then he decided to be himself.

A gay hockey player uses Pride Tape to ‘queer’ his space and his sport

Joey Gale made a statement with his rainbow-colored tape at an adult league All-Star game. ‘Who’s got the gay tape?’ one teammate asked.

Gay Rams cheerleader Quinton Peron is proud to be a trailblazer

Out and proud, Rams cheerleader Quinton Peron loves being different as he dances to his own beat.

Gay golf pro sees sport as more accepting and wants golfers to come out

Greg Fitzgerald is an openly gay golf pro and he thinks the sport is ready for more out members, even players.

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Gay lacrosse player breaks the ‘bro’ stereotype at Catholic high school

For years, Antonio Corral felt out of place in lacrosse, until he came out as gay and embraced who he is.

Gay high school sprinter came out to his team and then later in a TED Talk

The more people who come out, ‘the sooner that gay children will feel comfortable to just be themselves,’ Steven Jacobs, now an NYU student, says.

Gay coach and his husband find a home at University of Oklahoma

Jake Barreau has found personal and professional success at the University of Oklahoma as a coach who is gay and married.

‘I am the only out LGBTQ athlete at BYU’

For Emma Gee, a bisexual BYU runner, ‘coming out has proven difficult, confusing, awful, heartbreaking and wonderfully liberating.’

Gay high school quarterback finds new passion at Michigan State as sports broadcaster, referee

Eric Bach felt he could not be his authentic self as a high school football and baseball player, but the burden of carrying his secret at Michigan State is now gone.

Penn State bowler’s only regret was not coming out sooner as bi

Tim Culin-Couwels kept his bisexuality hidden at Penn State and he learned a valuable lesson about acceptance.

Gay cyclist finds his band of brothers at Indiana University fraternity

"I showed that fraternities aren’t solely the macho douchebag jocks on campus," says openly gay Indiana University cyclist Dylan Harris.

Gay and bi identical twin brothers thrive as college athletes in Kentucky

Chris Malpartida is gay. His twin brother Michael is bi. They both play college soccer and tennis for the same school. They both are happy to be out athletes.

College basketball player feels liberated after coming out as bi

Zach Montes never thought he could be himself playing the sport he loves, but an Instagram post changed that.

Gay N.C. State runner hits her personal best after coming out

When North Carolina State runner Sarah LaTour came out as gay, she helped both herself and her team.

Trans runner hits his stride after years of torment about his identity

Jeffrey Rubel grew up alienated from his body. His transformation into his true identity changed his life.

Gay runner in Indonesia confronts a family and culture intolerant of LGBT people

A gay runner in Indonesia lives his truth in the face of intolerance.

2 gay high school athletes attend their prom together in rural Tennessee

Pedro Reyes and Evan McKenna met on the cross country team and hope their relationship is a sign of a changing South.

Openly bisexual soccer player thrived at Christian university

Andrew Ford embraced his sexuality and his Christian faith and wants to be a model for other LGBTQ athletes.

Inspired by his twin brother, gay college swimmer finds motivation to come out

Any anxiety Jacob Upton had about coming out as gay on his college swim team was quickly alleviated by their warm acceptance.

For gay college football player, acceptance of coaches, teammates came from Day 1

Cy Hicks, a gay college football player in Idaho, learns a lesson about empowerment through the game.

A world martial arts champion stresses visibility as an out gay fighter

William Seth-Wenzel is an openly gay jujutsu fighter whose boyfriend cheered him on as he won the world championship.

Gay German athlete found coming out in triathlon more welcoming than he expected

Moritz Belmann has won medals in his age group at the European Championships. He has the full support of his team as a gay athlete.

Anti-gay graffiti was spur to get college swimmer in Virginia to come out

Thomas Agostini, a college swimmer, decided it was time to come out as gay after a slur targeted another student.

Bi track and field champion found her second family at University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota track and field athlete Kaitlyn Long struggled with her bisexuality until two moments helped her accept herself.

Vassar College’s 60+ LGBTQ athletes find strength in solidarity

Vassar’s Queer, Trans and Non-Binary athletes group fights for inclusion in sports and provides a space for students to be themselves.

Trans college swimmer embraces her true self and desire to swim

Trans swimmer Natalie Fahey did not want to quit competing at Southern Illinois and her coach has been her biggest source of support.

Career-ending injury forced gay swimmer to begin coming out process

Swimmer Alec Reitzel grew up in the South and struggled with coming out until he realized he needed to be himself.

This gay college runner in Missouri found he doesn’t have to be the best to be accepted

Andre Williams chose to go to the Univ. of Central Missouri in part because they had already accepted another gay athlete.


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