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Coming Out Stories

Outsports' list of coming out stories from LGBT people in sports.

Career-ending injury forced gay swimmer to begin coming out process

Swimmer Alec Reitzel grew up in the South and struggled with coming out until he realized he needed to be himself.

This gay college runner in Missouri found he doesn’t have to be the best to be accepted

Andre Williams chose to go to the Univ. of Central Missouri in part because they had already accepted another gay athlete.

Gay walk-on college runner learns the power of acceptance

Ryan Signorino was nervous joining the track and cross country team as a novice runner and gay man, but he has never looked back.

Gay college football player found biggest barrier to happiness was his own insecurity

Christian Zeitvogel feared the worst when he came out as a gay football player, but he was met with love and acceptance.

Gay runner in Bible Belt finds his stride at the University of Arkansas

Matt Young was raised in a conservative Oklahoma town, but has found his niche as a runner and gay man at the University of Arkansas.

This Swedish soccer player was teased as a teen before finding love

Mara Åkesson found struggles and some loneliness as an LGBTQ athlete in Sweden, and she’s sharing her story to help others.

For a gay athlete with disability, high school wrestling was vital to his self-acceptance

Bennett Sherr battled a rare orthopedic disease while coming to grips with being gay, and found empowerment on the mat.

NCAA administrator finds support as gay man in big-time college football

Aaron Hernandez found strength to come out as gay in the words of one big-time college football coach.

Our 4th most popular story: Gay former Dallas Cowboy Jeff Rohrer is marrying his boyfriend this Sunday

Jeff Rohrer played for the legendary Tom Landry. As he marries his boyfriend, his Cowboys teammates have his back.

Lacrosse coach comes out by introducing his boyfriend on Facebook

Aron Lipkin decided to come out as gay in honor of his late friend and assistant coach on National Coming Out Day.

For gay high school lacrosse player, coming out meant keeping a promise

Madison Harris, a high school lacrosse player, promised herself to come out to stay true to who she was.

He’s gay, a high school state soccer champ and accepted by his team in the Bible Belt

Adam Burnett is a highly recruited gay soccer player from Missouri who will be playing in the NCAA next season.

Elite trans cyclist racing for something bigger than just winning

Trans athlete Evelyn Sifton has found acceptance in fixed gear cycling and realizes that being out is the key to acceptance.

Gay high school golfer came out to his classmates over lunch

His classmates assumed he played a ‘gay’ sport, but Ben Palmer wasn’t fazed about proudly coming out.

Lesbian college swimmer was embraced in Wyoming despite her fears

Casey Duckworth was accepted as openly lesbian at the University of Wyoming and her swimming career thrived.

For pro wrestler Mike Parrow, coming out as gay was ‘best decision of my life’

Nine months after coming out publicly as gay, pro wrestler Mike Parrow has never been happier and his career is taking off.

For Olympic track hopeful, coming out as gay has made him more focused on his sport

Now that racewalker Anthony Peters has come out as gay, he can focus on his goal — making the 2020 Olympics

Gay swim captain came out with help of football captain and they became boyfriends

Feeling isolated and scared, high school swimmer Hunter Sigmund confided he was gay to Jake Bain, the out captain of the football team. They are now boyfriends and Sigmund is thriving.

For gay Vikings front office employee, team’s LGBTQ Pride booth made her cry tears of joy

Amy Werdine, an openly gay former college soccer player, was instrumental in getting the Vikings to have a booth at Twin Cities Pride.

This gay Oklahoma State athlete found support where she least expected it

Abbie Hetherington has found total acceptance with the Cowgirls track and cross-country teams.

When college football lineman came out, his QB had his back

Jacob Van Ittersum felt it was time to tell the world he is bi.

Playing squash was a refuge as Mexican athlete struggled with being gay

Growing up in a macho culture where bullying was prevalent was very hard for Luis Hernández.

Air Force football player Bradley Kim came out and found total acceptance

"It doesn’t affect my ability to play football. It doesn’t affect my ability to serve my country."

Gay college student trainer formed a bond with athletes he treated

Justin Stevenson never let anyone else define him.

This trans athlete played college lacrosse openly and won conference titles

Ryan Socolow came out to his team in 2013 and found a warm embrace from coach and teammates.

No longer afraid, gay runner chases success at U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

Adam Dalton thrived when he no longer used running as an unhealthy crutch.

Gay NCAA wrestler in South Dakota found total team acceptance in one day

Justice Horn came out to his coaches and team all in one day. He’s glad he did.

This former Kentucky football player is coming out publicly to inspire others

Landon Foster has committed himself to a life promoting diversity in sports and business.

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A trans hockey player proves he can play

Gay college football player found a team after nearly quitting sports

Donovan Hillary felt he had to quit football at Queen’s Univ. Now he’s on a team where he feels he can come out.

College tennis players showed solidarity with gay teammate by wearing pride bracelets

Nick Lee has thrived at Vassar after learning to be himself.

Horror of Pulse nightclub shooting moved swimmer to come out openly as gay

Matthew Garza of Johns Hopkins wanted to live an authentic life.


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