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Frank Rossi is a face of D3 football. Oh, and he happens to be gay, too

Rossi has been committed for 25 years to elevating the voices of people in football who don’t get the attention they deserve.

Amazin LêThi tapped as an official judge for Formula E’s Open Talent Call

The Vietnamese bodybuilder, personal trainer, and LGBTQ activist will provide commentary for Formula E’s Open Talent Call.

This former college gymnast is fulfilling his passion as a sports commentator

Evan Heiter may not be flipping on a mat anymore, but he’s giving back to the sport he loves as a commentator.

Rugby announcer Nick Heath becomes viral sensation for announcing everyday events during sports hiatus

With no rugby matches scheduled, Heath is taking to London’s streets to fill his time, and entertain the social media masses.

Sports commentator Sam Newman calls Caitlyn Jenner ‘it,’ then defends himself

Newman’s transphobic display riles player Liam Picken’s wife, among others.

Are media members trying to out Beckham Jr.?

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith made some statements on "First Take" this week that one blogger believed to be homophobic. ESPN has clarified that that was not the context or intention.

Bonehead sports commentator blunders