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WNBA: 7 players tested positive for coronavirus

One team will delay its arrival at preseason camp and an all-star may sit the season out.

What does Independence Day represent to LGBT folks in 2020?

I asked LGBT athletes, coaches, readers and Outsports colleagues what the 4th of July means to them in 2020. Add your perspective in the comments!

Former Nebraska jumper Jace Anderson has found his muse singing during quarantine

Anderson covers ‘Never Enough’ from Greatest Showman, Billie Eilish and more.

Titan Games’ Robbie Rodriguez is gay, an out COVID-19 nurse, and has 2 moms

Rhino Robbie put on an incredible show on NBC. And at his hospital he’s testing people for COVID-19.

When Minor League Baseball canceled 2020 season, it postponed 85 Pride Nights

This was shaping up to be MiLB’s best Pride Night season ever. Then 2020 happened.

How Michigan’s Sec. of State is leading fight for women’s sports in coronavirus age

Jocelyn Benson chairs the Michigan Task Force on Women in Sports, which seeks to elevate female athletes, and serve as a template for the country.

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Let’s fill this stadium with (cutouts of) Outsports fans

Our friends at the McCovey Chronicles reveal you can attend every San Francisco Giants home game this summer for a grand total of just $99. Kinda sorta.

Why Megan Rapinoe sitting out NWSL Cup could lead other star athletes to pass on coronavirus sports restarts

Rapinoe won’t be joining her NWSL club for the league’s tournament in Utah.

NYC marathon is canceled because of pandemic

Organizers of the New York City Marathon canceled the 2020 event due to concerns over the coronavirus. It would have been the 50th running of the iconic race.

Billie Jean King on systemic racism and police reform: ‘The laws have to change’

Tennis icon Billie Jean King told HBO’s Bryant Gumbel she’s the most excited she’s ever been at the opportunity for change: "I feel like I have hair on fire sometimes."

LGBTQ ally Sean Doolittle trying out new baseball glove dyed with Pride

The Wilson glove is an experiment, and Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle says he is "so stoked with how it came out."

WNBA announces it will start its season next month

The league will play a shortened season with all games at a single site without fans.

Out tennis player Tara Moore accuses WTA of secrecy and ‘insider trading’

Tara Moore says the WTA is keeping the majority of its players in the dark about its plans to resume play.

Goodbye, Columbus: Gay Softball World Series postponed until 2021 on account of coronavirus

The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance has postponed its championship games, planned for August in Columbus, Ohio, because of the pandemic.

Grindr is not a cure for coronavirus anxiety

LGBT mental health researcher Jack Turban says the coronavirus lockdowns have been especially hard on young LGBT people, and could be causing them to use dating apps in harmful ways. 

Caitlyn Jenner and LGBT celebs are sending messages of hope to young LGBT people struggling during lockdown

The British LGBT Awards and It Gets Better UK have launched a campaign featuring Jenner and other celebrities sending uplifting videos to LGBT youth.

Lisa Wainwright pushing sport to set the tone for inclusion

The head of the UK’s Sport and Recreation Alliance noted the period of no sports is a ripe time to discuss an inclusive future, in a recent interview with Sky Sports.

Out MLB executive shares how he’s planning for baseball’s return

Royals marketing executive Matt Schulte’s job is usually dependent on having fans in the stadium. With the coronavirus, he says he has to be more innovative than ever.

This city is expanding trans inclusive school sports policy to protect privacy in online classrooms

The school board in Philadelphia met Thursday night about expanding its policy on trans inclusion in school sports to protect identities in online classrooms.

Stuck in Spain as pandemic began, tennis player ‘felt uncertain and alone’

Coronavirus LGBTQ impact: Nick Lee was enjoying post-college life teaching in Madrid. Then coronavirus struck.

Former amateur baseball star Kacey Edenfield on life as an essential worker during coronavirus pandemic

Edenfield goes to work every day as a car salesman in Tennessee, where he regularly encounters customers who think the pandemic is a hoax.

UFC double champion Amanda Nunes pulls out of proposed May 9 UFC event

The dominant out fighter stated the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on her ability to complete a full fight camp fueled the decision to pull out.

Gay Bowl and other LGBT championships are canceled, Gay Softball World Series still on

Countless sporting events for LGBT athletes are now off the table for 2020. Currently the Gay Softball World Series is still on.

Voids of summer: a summer return to sports looking less feasible

The postponement of Billy Dixon’s ‘Paris is Bumping,’ along with major sports leagues’ inability to forecast their return, puts plans of a summer coming out party on increasingly shaky ground.

Will gay bars survive the coronavirus shutdown?

Many gay bars were already struggling before they were ordered to close due to the coronavirus. Will they be able to survive?

Tom Daley is keeping you in-shape while quarantined with his 10-minute ‘Daley Workout’

The Olympic diver’s ‘Daley Workout’ helps you use common household items for a quarantined home workout.

Openly gay city council candidate Akil Patterson is fighting for NCAA winter student-athletes to regain lost semester

Patterson, a former college football player and Greco Roman wrestler, has started a petition to advocate for winter-sport student-athletes to receive eligibility extensions.

WWE and Vince McMahon keep mishandling coronavirus response

WWE’s large swath of talent releases and furloughs were just the latest in a series of events that display the company’s controversial approach to business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pro soccer player was two days into her first camp when her dream was put on hold

Coronavirus LGBTQ impact: Carly Nelson had just begun her pro soccer career when the shutdown hit.

For gay college tennis player, a lost senior season brings mixed emotions: ‘It was a love-hate relationship’

Monmouth University senior Caroline Mattise, who came out in a first-person essay for Outsports earlier this year, says she carries mix emotions about her college tennis career.

This Olympian had coronavirus. She says the pain was ‘soul-destroying.’

Shelley Holroyd has had many injuries and illnesses in her life. None were like her weeks of hell, alone in her bed.

For college broadcaster and referee, going from nonstop to nothing was hardest part

Coronavirus impact: Eric Bach was enjoying a busy spring sports season at Michigan State until the lockdown happened.