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‘We are not a threat’: Danielle McGahey reacts to ban on trans women in international women’s cricket

The International Cricket Council is the latest world sports governing body to ban transgender women from playing with women at the highest level.

Steven Davies, an inspiration to gay guys in cricket, is hanging up his bat

He made headlines worldwide in 2011 when he became the first active male cricketer to come out publicly. Now 37, the former England international has announced his retirement.

Trans cricketer grateful for support ahead of history-making international bow

Danielle McGahey is set to play for Canada in Los Angeles next week in what will be the first appearance by an out trans woman in an official international fixture.

Lesbian cricket legend Sarah Taylor and partner reveal pregnancy: ‘Love who you want as long as you’re happy’

Not long after announcing her retirement from playing, the former England cricketer is planning a family with her partner.

2 World Cup cricket teammates just got married

Katherine Brunt and Nat Scivers were supposed to get married in 2020, but wanted to wait until their teammates could attend.

Gay cricket star Alex Blackwell says she’s tired of lesbians in sport being ‘profiled as predators’

Blackwell, who became the first female international cricket player to publicly come out as gay, is fighting to change perceptions.

Coronavirus pandemic puts out cricketer Lizelle Lee’s wedding on hold

The April 10 ceremony is postponed but the pandemic isn’t taking the wicket of love.

Cricketer Megan Schutt on combating homophobia in Australia

The world’s number 1 bowler, Megan Schutt, sheds light on her fight as an out lesbian cricket player in Australia’s sports community.

Lesbian cricket couple celebrate one year since their secret New Year’s Eve engagement

Natalie Sciver and Katherine Brunt, two players on England’s national cricket team, got engaged one year ago, but didn’t publicly discuss it for 10 months.

Cricket captain to UK activist: ‘Don’t speak for me or my ovaries’ about trans teammate

Tammy Beaumont came to the defense of a transgender teammate when she was attacked by the self-proclaimed "Biggest Bitch in Britain."

Cricket Australia rolls out transgender-inclusive policies

Cricket Australia, the sport’s national governing body, has rolled out new trans inclusive policies.

British actor drops truth bomb about coming out in pro sports

John Barrowman gets it spot-on encouraging gay athletes to come out.

This athlete’s clapback to a homophobic taunt made our day

Joe Root shut down his rude rival the way we wish we all could.

Cricket player cleared for attacking allegedly anti-gay attackers

Ben Stokes has been acquitted after allegedly defending himself and two gay men.

English Premier League among sports supporting Rainbow Laces campaign

Soccer, rugby, cricket join others in supporting LGBT inclusion,

Gay Australian cricket player says she feels like second-class citizen

Alex Blackwell wants her nation to recognize her relationship.

This English athlete says he was suspended after defending two gay men in a brawl

Ben Stokes was allegedly trying to oppose bigotry in bar melee.

Cricket is the latest sport to embrace Rainbow Laces campaign

English cricketers will wear rainbow laces during matches this weekend.

Star Australian cricketer Elyse Villani comes out as gay

‘It’s always important for me to try and be myself,’ she says.

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'I'm a cricketer, I'm 22 years old and I'm gay.'

"I have had nothing but support from my friends, my family, my teammates even opposition players and I am grateful for their support," said Jonathan Gascoigne.

Former Australian cricket player Peter Roebuck leaps to death after sex assault inquiry

Terroists attack cricket team in Pakistan


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