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‘Cassandro’ finds beauty in complexity to honor a queer pro wrestling pioneer

‘Cassandro’ captures the legendary luchador’s story without sugarcoating the reality of his journey.

NFL legend Marshawn Lynch’s gay sister led him to accept ‘Bottoms’ role

Former running back, who won Super Bowl with Seattle Seahawks, says starring in the hit new movie was an ‘opportunity to correct my wrongs.’

5 rules for hosting a gay Super Bowl party

It’s like a regular Super Bowl party, but much better.

Tennis star Carlos Alcaraz is the new face of Calvin Klein Underwear

The No. 1-rated player in the world is taking it all off for the iconic fashion brand.

How Peloton star Cody Rigsby uses fitness to spread positivity and gay cheer

Rigsby’s stardom continues to grow with the launch of his new series, "LOL Cody."

This lifelong gay athlete started a lube company that advertises on ESPN

Eyal Feldman wants to show that men are beautiful, and thinks sports fans are the perfect audience.

The way ‘Bros’ handles sports is pretty lame

Billy Eichner’s groundbreaking romcom relies on the same old stereotypes.

This gay former basketball player runs the only TV network dedicated to LGBTQ people

Sheri Johnson’s Strong Voices Television has a home for everyone under the rainbow.

This queer Princeton diver is a New York club kid and TikTok sensation

Griffin Maxwell Brooks tests heteronormative limits every day, and their more than 1 million TikTok followers love them for it.

Tales from a gay football fan

Alex Reimer shares the complicated relationship between his sports fandom and sexuality.

Red Sox are using an iconic gay pop anthem as their rallying cry 

This postseason, the Red Sox haven’t been afraid to dance on their own.

5 reasons why LGBTQ people love the Olympics

LGBTQ people go crazy for the Olympics. Let us count the reasons.

Organizers want Olympic athletes to not hook up. Good luck with that

Tokyo organizers are trying to hold a sexless Olympics, but an abstinence-only approach is bound to fail.

Olympics put fight for Japanese LGBTQ protections under microscope

Former Japanese national team fencer Fumino Sugiyama became the first trans Japan Olympic Committee board member and continues the fight alongside others.

LGBTQ-led wrestling promotion Hoodslam returning in August

Oakland’s favorite pro wrestling experience will hold its first event since March 2020 on Friday, Aug. 6.

New pro wrestling promotion Combat Fights Unlimited is another step in LGBTQ self-creation

Out first-time promoter and CFU founder Mayydayy created CFU because no one was making the kind of pro wrestling they wanted to see.

Juneteenth pro wrestling events bolstered by Black LGBTQ voices

Ohio Wrestling Alliance, Paradigm Pro Wrestling, Unsanctioned Pro, Black Wrestlers Matter 2 and Black Girl Magik properly reflect the vibrance Black LGBTQ voices bring.

‘The Life of Edith Surreal’ documentary transcends pro wrestling

IWTV’s ‘The Life of Edith Surreal’ gives wrestling fans an inside look at trans pro wrestler Edith Surreal and her transition.

MV Young’s Polyam Cult Party 3 was a pro wrestling baptism

From pansexual Pride to championship victories to displays of defiant spirits, all involved in MV Young’s Polyam Cult Party 3 came up out the water anew.

Gay basketball player goes from Christian college to Fire Island

Jallen Messersmith was once told to remove the Pride flag from his dorm room. Now, he waves it all summer long on Fire Island.

LGBTQ, other marginalized voices return to Tampa’s WrestleMania week with a new purpose

IWTV Family Reunion, GCW’s Acid Cup and For the Culture, Allie Kat’s Real Hot Girl Shit and EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch are ready to showcase what marginalized groups in pro wrestling can do.

Butch vs. Gore’s Cassandro Cup perfectly embodied its legendary namesake

Lucha libre legend Cassandro’s 30-plus year career, personal struggles and influence on today’s LGBTQ pro wrestling talents permeated Butch vs. Gore’s Cassandro Cup event.

Ring of Honor’s Ian Riccaboni completes LGBTQ fundraiser

The voice of Ring of Honor’s Cameo charity campaign raised $500 for the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center in his hometown of Allentown, Pa.

This gay former college volleyball player is thriving on OnlyFans

Chance Wheeler says he’s gained self-confidence and purpose since opening his OnlyFans page.

Riot Games unveils VCT Game Changers esports gender diversity program

VCT Game Changers will create ‘new opportunities and exposure for women and other marginalized genders within Valorant esports.’

What does it mean to be queer? Let these college athletes explain

Young LGBTQ athletes are reclaiming the word "queer," and pushing back against labels.

Paris Is Bumping is pro wrestling realness

Billy Dixon’s mixture of pro wrestling and ballroom puts the entire industry on notice.

Out wrestler Jared Evans is excited to show the ‘magic’ of Paris Is Bumping

Evans will take part in the pro wrestling and ballroom crossover event on Thursday night.

Ballroom meets pro wrestling at Billy Dixon’s Paris Is Bumping

Tens across the board > five stars

My Top 10 favorite sports jerseys of all-time

Apparently, I have a thing for teal, says our Brian C. Bell.

Pro wrestling and drag helped Corinne Mink find the ‘One Tough Broad’ inside herself

Pro wrestler and LGBTQ ally Corinne Mink points to drag culture as an inspiration to enter the ring and overcome lifelong issues with traditional gender norms.

Lesbian couple sues P.E. teacher for anti-LGBTQ discrimination

The couple’s son was allegedly forced to attend ‘Teens For Christ’ meetings and endure anti-LGBTQ ‘sermons’ in order to play for his middle school’s basketball team.


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