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Emily Bridges quits cycling, a sad repercussion of trans-athlete bans in sports

Bridges had hoped to aim for a spot in the Paris Olympics. Now she’ll spend her time advocating for trans rights.

UCI bans transgender women from the female category after Austin Killips’ wins

After Killips’ victory, several loud anti-trans voices influenced UCI to reconsider its bylaws.

USA Cycling trans participation survey is facing heavy criticism

Competitors feel the survey and questions are disrespectful towards transgender cyclists.

Austin Killips takes overall win at Tour of the Gila

The trans cyclist also grabbed polka dots for best climber, and flak for just being who she is.

LGBTQ inclusion at forefront at U.S. Cyclocross Nationals

Trans and nonbinary racers make their mark and what happens next could move a sport further along.

Summer Newlands won the 1st-ever nonbinary title at U.S. Cyclocross Nationals

They celebrated a championship race and having a space of their own.

Trans cyclist Austin Killips takes 3rd in the snow at U.S. Cyclocross Nationals

Another trans athlete, Jenna Lingwood, finished 5th and also captured the 40-44 Masters championship.

Trans cyclist Emily Bridges: ‘I’m still here’

A new documentary looks at Bridges’ fight for her right to race in the female category as British Cycling ponders new policy.

Trans women must wait 2 years to be eligible for competition, says cycling world governing body

Trans cyclist Emily Bridges has been kept out of competition. Now UCI responds with new regulations effective July 1.

Trans cyclist Emily Bridges gives powerful interview, wants to see a trans-inclusion policy in cycling now

In the ITV interview, Bridges says anti-trans statements by British PM Boris Johnson led to threats against her.

Dr. Veronica Ivy eyes next steps as athlete and activist

The two-time world track cycling champion talks about sports, speaking out and self care on The Trans Sporter Room.

Emily Bridges decision shows the flaw in the IOC’s new framework

Cycling’s world governing body made a call and ignored a critical IOC principle in the process

Emily Bridges barred from competing in women’s national championship

The trans cyclist won a national title in the male category a few weeks ago. Her debut in female cycling now waits.

She set national records against men. Now she’ll compete against women on the international stage

Transgender cyclist Emily Bridges is expected to compete against women at this year’s Commonwealth Games.

Out cyclist Katie-George Dunlevy completes golden sweep at the Paralympics

The Irish Paralympian and her pilot Eve McCrystal won gold in the women’s B time trial.

Hat trick! Crystal Lane-Wright battles pouring rain to earn a third Paralympic silver

A game effort in the Women’s C4-5 Road Race completes the best Paralympics of her career.

Out and golden: Ireland’s Katie-George Dunlevy races to repeat title in time trial

She and pilot Eve McCrystal net their second Paralympic medal in Tokyo and defend the women’s B time trial gold they earned in Rio.

Britain’s Crystal Lane-Wright becomes Team LGBTQ’s second multi-medalist

A second silver for Lane-Wright comes in the individual time trial.

Katie-George Dunlevy earns Paralympics silver in Individual Pursuit cycling

The LGBTQ cyclist set a new (brief) world record with fellow silver medalist Eve McCrystal.

Out former Olympian Kate O’Brien wins silver in her Paralympics debut

O’Brien, who survived a catastrophic cycling crash in 2017, finished second in the Women’s C4-5 500m Time Trial.

Elite cyclist comes out, calls out his sport for homophobia

Elite British cyclist Clay Davies says more must be done to stamp out anti-gay sentiments.

Here’s the full schedule for Team LGBTQ athletes at the Tokyo Paralympics

You might have to lose a little sleep to see out athletes win.

Out British cyclist Crystal Lane-Wright wins Team LGBTQ’s first medal of the Paralympics

She earned silver in individual pursuit on the opening day of competition.

Paralympic cyclist Monica Sereda is a 24-year US Army vet

Despite numerous injuries and setbacks, Sereda used the pandemic to recover and train to compete at the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Out Olympian Hannah Roberts backflips her way to Olympics BMX Freestyle silver, Perris Benegas finishes fourth

Out Team USA athletes Hannah Roberts and Perris Benegas finished second and fourth respectively at Olympics debut of BMX Freestyle.

Hannah Roberts and Perris Benegas are out athletes going for BMX Freetsyle gold for Team USA

Hannah Roberts, Perris Benegas and Chelsea Wolfe are ready to make history for Team USA when BMX Freestyle debuts at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Chelsea Wolfe 5th at World Championships, awaits possible Olympic bid

The trans BMX freestyler is in line to be an alternate for Tokyo and possibly the first out transgender athlete on a U.S. Olympic Team.

Mom of champion trans cyclist speaks out against ‘hysteria’ about her daughter

Emily Bridges, who came out as transgender six months ago, is facing slanderous attacks from anti-trans activists.

Cycling club supports trans community by withdrawing from Arkansas championship

By pulling out of Fayetteville-based championships, the Revolution Cycles Club sets a sterling example for the rest of the sports world.

During Covid-19, this gay out-of-work airline employee is biking across North America for LGBTQ youth

Andrew Mortensen’s journey began in northwest Washington state. Six months later, he’s raised more than $7,500 for The Trevor Project, and is on his way to Patagonia.

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This gay teenage cyclist is one of the first pro male riders to ever come out

Justin Laevens, who’s from Belgium, says he wants to be an example for other gay cyclists.


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