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WrestleMania weekend’s drag and pro wrestling showdown will return this year

The second "Gay Young Classic" will pit pro wrestlers and drag performers against one another in a lip sync battle tournament for their lives.

Dennis Rodman showed up at a Chicago drag show and tipped one of the performers $100

During a surprise appearance at a Boystown drag venue, Rodman publicly supported his local queens.

West Virginia MMA coach and fighters are offering security for a drag brunch

Johnny Haught, who owns an MMA training school in the Ohio Valley, is standing up for drag queens.

Red Sox and Mets give drag queens a chance to shine during Pride Night celebrations

At a time when the drag community is under attack, the Sox and Mets show their support for the art form.

Chicago Bulls show how Pride Night should be done with halftime drag celebration

The Bulls enlist one of Chicago’s most talented drag queens to pull off a tribute to great moments in LGBTQ history.

This pro fighter is a proud drag queen

Diego Garijo carries the same confidence whether he’s taping up his fingers to fight or putting on heels to perform on stage.