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Mexico fans used gay slurs. US Soccer didn’t pause the match. Now what?

As predicted, Mexico fans chanted a gay slur at the USMNT, and US Soccer didn’t follow its own protocol.

US Soccer poised to ban Mexico if fans chant anti-gay ‘puto’ during Wednesday’s match

US Soccer hosts Mexico in a USMNT friendly in Arizona today. Mexico fans are on notice.

Gay married Sacramento Kings fans sue team over alleged mistreatment by game security

The longtime season ticket holders say they were wrongfully detained and threatened by security, in part due to homophobia.

Let’s make Brittney Griner’s welcome-home game the special moment she deserves

We as fans have a chance to give Griner a hero’s welcome when the season tips off on May 19.

Jakub Jankto cheered by fans after coming out, plays key role in match-sealing goal

In his first match, Jankto felt acceptance from fans in the stands and found success on the pitch.

This gay ex-Eagles cheerleader is proud to call himself a super fan

Kyle Tanguay will be watching Sunday’s Super Bowl with his Eagles family, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mexico, whose fans refuse to stop chanting gay slurs, will host the FIFA World Cup in 2026

FIFA should put banning Mexico from its own World Cup on the table, if fans won’t stop the chant.

FIFA investigating Mexico anti-gay chant before team was booted from the World Cup

Mexico gave up the eliminating goal just seconds after their fans chanted the gay slur yet again. FIFA is now investigating.

This gay British sports minister stood up to Qatar and FIFA and wore rainbows at the World Cup

Great Britain’s Stuart Andrew showed his Pride with a rainbow necktie and One Love armband while watching England vs. Wales.

This gay Qatari started an LGBTQ soccer fan group to expose abuse in his home country

With the World Cup underway, Dr, Nasser Mohamed wants to use soccer as a way to elevate the silent voices of LGBTQ Qataris.

Here are 8 reasons LGBT people are concerned about the World Cup in Qatar

LGBT people have been told to stay away from the World Cup in Qatar. These are some of the reasons.

This gay 49ers fan is living the dream as a DJ for his favorite team

Cisco Mejia is a leader with the 49ers’ Pride Club, the only team-sponsored LGBTQ fan club in the NFL.

Fans rioted and tore down a Pride Flag after Champions League match

Five Marseille fans were arrested for the violence at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the U.K.

Mexico fans chanted their favorite gay slur ... again

Fans shouted "puto" towards the end of Thursday’s World Cup Qualifier against the U.S.

U.S. Soccer finally bans anti-gay chants at matches

The policy will apply to any sanctioned match on U.S. soil.

A gay NBA fan found 78 homophobic tweets by 40 players on 23 teams

Many tweets came years ago. It doesn’t lessen the sting for the gay fan who discovered them, or other gay men in basketball.

As LAFC prepares for its season, the ‘puto’ chant remains a target of the club

LAFC has demonstrated support for the LGBTQ community, yet it and other soccer clubs have been unable to eradicate the anti-gay slur.

This gay NHL fan was attacked and is coming forward to stop homophobia

Cadien Shaw hopes that sharing his experience can spark change.

Anti-gay-chant lawsuit against Soldier Field heads to federal court as huge law firm takes the case

Winston & Strawn gives major boost to the federal fight against anti-gay chants, with important precedent at stake.

Mexico loses appeal, fans banned 2 matches after chanting ‘puto’ in 1st match back

FIFA has upheld its ban of Mexico fans for 2 more matches as the battle over the ‘puto’ chant continues.

Years later, homophobic ‘rent boy’ chant still torments gay soccer fans

The slur remains a stubborn fixture of the U.K.’s soccer culture.

Help a gay sports fan pay his hospital bills as he recovers from a drive-by shooting

Bay Area sport fan Marco Chavez-López is recovering after being shot in the face. His friends have established a Gofundme.

Four LGBTQ fans are suing Soldier Field over anti-gay slurs

Four LGBTQ soccer fans say they were subjected to an onslaught of homophobic slurs during the final match of the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

NFL says: ‘Football is gay. Football is queer. Football is accepting.’

The NFL has released a new video stating unequivocal support for LGBTQ fans, players and coaches.

Anti-gay slur means no home fans for Mexico World Cup qualifiers

Homophobic chants by fans of El Tri will lead to World Cup qualifying home dates behind closed doors.

Mexico soccer faced the USA. Fans chanted anti-gay slurs. Again

Mexico fans chanted a gay slur at players representing the USA on American soil, and the match was paused.

What’s your favorite gay or LGBTQ-friendly sports bar?

For Pride Month we’ll be celebrating the places that bring fans together for a game and a good time.

Will FIFA finally issue serious sanctions against Mexico over reoccurring anti-gay chant?

Once again, FIFA has opened an investigation after homophobic chants were heard during one of the Mexican team’s matches this month.

30% of gay men and 40% of lesbians are passionate sports fans, survey says

Survey finds gay and straight men diverge in fan passion, while lesbians and straight women are in line with each other.

No, gay men don’t have to be ‘butch’ or ‘masc’ to watch the NFL or Super Bowl

Ahead of Super Bowl LV, people from all walks of life can fall in love with football and the NFL.

Gay Buffalo fan goes viral wearing his Bills Pride shirt

Adam Dryfhout rocked his Buffalo Bills Pride shirt for the team’s first playoff win in 25 years.

Tom Daley how de we love thee? Let us count the ways

Tom Daley has inspired many with his vulnerability. Ken Schultz, with his parallel journey, has been a superfan all the way.