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Four LGBTQ fans are suing Soldier Field over anti-gay slurs

Four LGBTQ soccer fans say they were subjected to an onslaught of homophobic slurs during the final match of the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

NFL says: ‘Football is gay. Football is queer. Football is accepting.’

The NFL has released a new video stating unequivocal support for LGBTQ fans, players and coaches.

Anti-gay slur means no home fans for Mexico World Cup qualifiers

Homophobic chants by fans of El Tri will lead to World Cup qualifying home dates behind closed doors.

Mexico soccer faced the USA. Fans chanted anti-gay slurs. Again

Mexico fans chanted a gay slur at players representing the USA on American soil, and the match was paused.

What’s your favorite gay or LGBTQ-friendly sports bar?

For Pride Month we’ll be celebrating the places that bring fans together for a game and a good time.

Will FIFA finally issue serious sanctions against Mexico over reoccurring anti-gay chant?

Once again, FIFA has opened an investigation after homophobic chants were heard during one of the Mexican team’s matches this month.

30% of gay men and 40% of lesbians are passionate sports fans, survey says

Survey finds gay and straight men diverge in fan passion, while lesbians and straight women are in line with each other.

No, gay men don’t have to be ‘butch’ or ‘masc’ to watch the NFL or Super Bowl

Ahead of Super Bowl LV, people from all walks of life can fall in love with football and the NFL.

Gay Buffalo fan goes viral wearing his Bills Pride shirt

Adam Dryfhout rocked his Buffalo Bills Pride shirt for the team’s first playoff win in 25 years.

Tom Daley how de we love thee? Let us count the ways

Tom Daley has inspired many with his vulnerability. Ken Schultz, with his parallel journey, has been a superfan all the way.

It wasn’t long ago that some baseball fans wore homophobia on their chests

The Cubs/White Sox fan rivalry turned ugly when it played out as bigoted t-shirts.

LGBTQ baseball fans on Facebook share their love of the game, from homers to hotties

Two friends and fans help organize dedicated Facebook Groups for a majority of 30 Major League Baseball teams.

This LAFC fan used a gay slur. Now he’s building bridges while paying a price

LAFC’s Pride Republic and The 3252 are helping ‘Chiquilin’ and others understand the power of homophobic slurs.

The QuaranTeam holds its final Zoom video chat of the summer

Outsports hosted one last Zoom video conference Friday night for anyone and everyone who wanted to join us in conversation, shared stories, and to feel connected.

Outsports conversation: How to work with your favorite team to embrace LGBTQ fans

5 out employees at pro-sports teams joined us to talk about how to push for more LGBTQ inclusion from your favorite team.

The in-game gay marriage proposal that still makes me cry

Jake Conrad’s proposal to Michael Holtzman at a 2016 Bulls game still gets our Ken Schultz. Every. Single. Time.

Celebrating Lesbian Visibility Day

A week-long observance of, by and for women who love women culminated in Sunday’s Lesbian Visibility Day

Voids of summer: a summer return to sports looking less feasible

The postponement of Billy Dixon’s ‘Paris is Bumping,’ along with major sports leagues’ inability to forecast their return, puts plans of a summer coming out party on increasingly shaky ground.

Outsports readers show us their tattoos

We asked. They tweeted. How about you show us your tattoos?

Uncanny Attractions cancels Drags & Dropkicks Vol. 4 over Coronavirus concerns

The show was slated to be the LGBTQ-focused wrestling promotion’s first Wrestlemania week show outside of New York City.

Let’s talk about COVID-19: How you doin’?

We’re providing a safe place for you to ask questions, find resources and share your stories about LGBTQ life during this health crisis.

Minor League Baseball celebrates Lakewood BlueClaws for their response to Pride Night protest

The BlueClaws’ determination to celebrate the LGBTQ community in the face of opposition earns a citation from MiLB.

World Cup’s attempt to reassure LGBTQ fans they’ll be welcome in Qatar falls short

Despite reassurances that LGBTQ fans will be safe, Qatar’s strict anti-PDA policies do not create a welcoming environment.

Could the solution to Premier League’s homophobic chant problem be found at... Yankee Stadium?!

In 2010, the Yankees faced their own problems with organized fan bigotry and found a way to successfully shut it down

‘Chelsea rent boys’ fan chant won’t go away, even during Rainbow Laces campaign

In the middle of the Rainbow Laces campaign, a homophobic chant directed at Chelsea reminds Premier League fans of the problems embedded in soccer culture.

Leaked messages reveal new leader of British soccer fan group has history of homophobia

Newly elected co-chair of The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust in the UK repeatedly flaunted his anti-LGBTQ views to other board members

Today in LGBT Sports history: We Love Philadelphia!

From the Phillies to the Eagles to the Flyers to the Sixers, Philadelphia has the most passionate Outsports fans!

Despite success of Out at Wrigley, Ricketts family complicates my relationship with the Cubs

Todd Ricketts’s position in the Trump Victory Committee hung over what our Ken Schultz enjoyed as an otherwise perfect day of pride at Wrigley Field.

US Soccer faces do-or-die showdown with anti-gay ‘puto’ chant

FIFA is telling US Soccer to suspend its match against Mexico if fans chant ‘puto.’ Will they?

Rockies apologize after employee tells lesbian couple to stop kissing

A Coors Field employee cited stadium policy against ‘not appropriate’ PDA when she spotted the women ‘casually’ kissing. Their tweets got them an apology and free tickets.

Gay NASCAR team member finds ‘nothing but love and respect’ on the job

Ryan Hines never thought he could be gay and work in NASCAR. He said reading Outsports helped him realize "I could be myself and still do what I love."

Will the Rose Bowl and CONCACAF allow anti-gay chants to mar Gold Cup match?

Some Mexico fans continue to interrupt soccer matches with anti-gay chants. This time they’re playing in California.


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