Kevin Maxen supported by NFL and Jacksonville Jaguars


Outsports' Cyd Zeigler joined the @NFLNetwork on @undisputedfs172 to talk about his story about Jacksonville Jaguars strength coach Kevin Maxen coming out publicly. And he even got Devin McCourty to say Outsports' tagline: Courage Is Contagious. Courtesy of Good Morning Football and the NFL Network.

New queer sports anthology out Sept 6th


A new collection of queer sports stories is out, featuring gay & bisexual players in baseball, basketball, and gymnastics, from indie queer publisher Space Fruit Press.

Perry Deane Young


Writer/Journalist Perry Deane Young died New Years Day. Known for his work as a UPI war correspondent during the Vietnam War, he co-wrote the 1977 bestseller "The David Kopay Story."



The Russell Tovey vehicle "The Pass" about a closeted football player does not come close to the real life drama of the documentary "Forbidden Games" about the tragedy of an openly gay footballer. But both are worth watching on Netflix at the moment.

Adam Rippon joins Samantha Bee for Christmas On ICE


Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon will head back to the ice to join Samantha Bee for a Christmas special full of fun, festivities and a dash of politics. The special airs on TBS Wednesday, Dec. 19, at 10:30pmET/PT.

Dave Kopay visited with Jeff Rohrer before the Dallas Cowboy's wedding


The night before Jeff Rohrer married Joshua Ross, NFL pioneer Dave Kopay paid a visit and talked with the former Dallas Cowboy. Kopay was the first gay professional athlete to come out publicly, and Rohrer is the latest.

Here we go again


The "ultra [straight] tolerant" LGBTQ supporter of gay rights Olivier Giroud has come to the conclusion that "it's impossible to display homosexuality in football." Well that settles that.

Lakers KissCam features gay athlete couple


The Los Angeles Lakers KissCam featured two same-sex couples during Pride Night. One of the couples featured two gay athletes.



Still hot as hell!