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Missouri high school quarterback testifies about transferring due to coach’s homophobia, racism

While going to court in order to be allowed to transfer, Kylan Mabins details homophobic and racist treatment from Kickapoo High School coaches.

In 24 states many trans youth need not apply to tryout for their school team

A new school year begins with codified discrimination in school sports as Alaska joins the states with trans student-athlete restrictions.

Honorees 81-90: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"You must allow no one to make you feel ashamed of who you are," says a pro referee on this list with an Olympian, a former NFL player and a high school basketball coach.

Vermont sports body stands up for trans-inclusion during dispute with Christian high school

The Mid Vermont Christian School forfeited a tournament game in girls basketball because there was a transgender athlete on the opposing team.

Federal appeals court votes to rehear case upholding Connecticut’s transgender athletes policy

In a rare move, New York court decides to revisit a decision that could change the eligibility of Connecticut’s transgender athletes.

At least 44 states currently ask high school female athletes about their ‘menstrual period’

Female athletes encounter questions about their periods. Some states request genital inspections, for ‘males only.’

Tell your coming out story on Outsports

You can change the lives of LGBT athletes simply by telling your story. If you're an LGBT athlete, coach or sports administrator, and you're ready to share, we'd love for you to tell your story on Outsports.

Trans golfer Rio Pearlstein makes an impact on the links

Wins on the course and charting a course for other trans youth to follow are his goals.

Prominent athletes share video of support as trans student-athlete lawsuit has its day in federal court

Athletes show vocal support for transgender defendants in the continuing ADF-Connecticut schools case.

Gay high school basketball player endures homophobic attacks from archrivals

After coming out and finding acceptance with his team, St. Peter’s Alex Bosacker is cruelly taunted and abused by rival New Ulm in Minnesota.

Trans Iowa trailblazer Kyla Paterson sees hope despite legislative setback in her state

In 2015, she was Iowa City High’s first out trans student-athlete and says more will come despite the passage of a trans-athlete ban.

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Study looking for trans and nonbinary athletes

A new academic study is looking at perceptions of inclusion in high school sports held by trans and nonbinary athletes.

Villanova star Will Sheridan to be inducted into state basketball hall of fame

The former Villanova star came out 10 years ago and is being honored in Delaware for his accomplishments.

Massachusetts high school hockey team facing allegations of brazenly homophobic and racist hazing

The Danvers High School hockey team allegedly enforced "Gay Tuesdays," where players were ordered to get naked and touch each other.

Trans high school golfer suing Tennessee for the right to play his sport

Luc Esquivel is suing Tennessee to fight the states’ trans-student-athlete ban. He’s repped by the ACLU and Lambda Legal.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs restrictions on trans student-athletes into law

HB25 makes the state the 10th since last year to pass laws to limit participation

Most out LGBTQ athletes say their teammates ‘never’ targeted them with slurs, study shows

LGBTQ athletes report hearing anti-LGBTQ language from a minority of teammates, though it’s still too many.

Out In Sports study proves what we’ve known for years: Athletes support LGBTQ teammates

For years out LGBTQ athletes have talked about receiving support from teammates. Now we have the proof.

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Out In Sports Study: Out LGBTQ athletes report deep, widespread acceptance from teammates

A new study by Outsports, Univ. of Winchester and Sports Equality Foundation shatters perceptions of LGBTQ hate in sports.

No one transitions to win in sports. Period.

Myth making, policy making and never the twain should meet.

Catholic high school rehired a gay coach following outcry from students and parents

Benet Academy originally rescinded Amanda Kammes’ job offer when administrators learned she was gay.

We’re back to school, and resources abound to build LGBTQ inclusion in sports

Free resources are here for athletes, coaches and administrators looking to build LGBTQ acceptance in high school sports.

This gay high school football player is being honored for boosting LGBTQ Pride in his hometown

Two years after being outed, Jake Streder is reclaiming his story.

Volleyball coach says he left high school because they wouldn’t let him be gay

Inoke Tonga says school administrators told him he was a danger to children.

Texas football coach liked 57 anti-Pride tweets, likening gays to murderers, against god’s will

One tweet called Pride ‘Mental Disorder Month.’ School administrators have ignored requests to talk.

Signing trans-athlete bans during Pride month adds cruelty to cruelty

Starting Pride month by restricting transgender athletes is spiking the ball in the face of the LGBTQ community.

The ban on this trans student-athlete in Idaho is up to the judges now

An inside look at Monday’s appeal hearing, which opened a week in which inclusion won two legislative fights, in Kansas and Louisiana.

Have you been out to teammates? Please take this important, confidential survey

A new survey studies the experiences of LGBTQ athletes who have been out on high school or college teams.

Replacing trans-athlete bans with policies focused on transition and participation

If we’re going to end trans-athlete bans any time soon, a more likely solution includes some transition for competitive sports.

Cisgender athlete advocates vs. trans inclusion activists, with girls caught in the middle

For the past two months, Outsports has been investigating claims by the Women’s Sports Policy Working Group and counter-claims by advocates for trans inclusion. Here’s what we found.

These voices must be heard: Don’t ban trans girls

Across the country this week, straight allies have courageously stood up for transgender rights.

Catholic high school corrects a 63-year-old homophobic wrong, honors gay track star

After a long and successful career in politics and comedy, Tom Ammiano finally receives a varsity track letter he earned with a 1958 victory.


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