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Mexico fans banned 2 more matches after chanting ‘puto’ in 1st match back in the stadium

FIFA is banning Mexico fans for 2 more matches as the battle over the ‘puto’ chant continues.

Santos Laguna v Atletico San Luis - Torneo Apertura 2021 Liga MX
Mexico will play more men’s home matches in empty stadiums after fans insisted on chanting ‘puto’ upon their return to stands.
Photo by Armando Marin/Jam Media/Getty Images

Mexico’s national soccer team will play two more matches in empty stadiums after fans insisted on incessantly chanting “puto” during the first match they were allowed to watch their team in-person this fall.

Mexico had been ordered by FIFA to play a home match in an empty stadium after fans refused to stop chanting the homophobic slur en masse. As Mexico News Daily says, “Puto means faggot or male prostitute in colloquial Spanish.”

Because the fans couldn’t help themselves, they will now miss the next two home matches for their beloved team. The Mexican Football Federation is appealing the decision, which also included a fine of about $100,000. They were able to get the initial penalty from FIFA reduced from two matches to one, so they could be successful here as well.

Yet they may have an uphill battle. Given the fans clearly intended to be defiant in their first return to the stadium, and likely won’t stop anytime soon, FIFA may opt to keep this two-match ban.

The question is, what happens if the next match with fans results in the same thing?

The next step is for FIFA to penalize Mexico valuable qualification points for a spot in the 2022 World Cup. Yes, given the refusal of Mexico fans to stop chanting this gay slur, Mexico could lose a spot in the World Cup. FIFA is now taking this that seriously.

FIFA and soccer organizations around the world are intent on stopping this chant, as well as other chants deemed racist or homophobic. How far will Mexico fans go to keep chanting the slur? We’re going to find out.