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Homophobia in sports

Sorana Cirstea shares sexist, anti-LGBTQ tropes ahead of Wimbledon

If strict adherence to gender roles is so important to Sorana Cirstea, I wholeheartedly support her doing just that.

NBA veteran Gilbert Arenas says LGBTQ community is more ‘unfair’ than the Taliban

Arenas railed against the LGBTQ community, spreading ignorant lies and a cruel dismissal of history.

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Let's talk about Gary Bettman's gay 'distraction'

Gary Bettman has banned Pride jerseys in the NHL because he said they are a 'distraction.'

NHL bans Pride jerseys even during warmups, Pride Nights will continue

Caution and thought are warranted. A league ban on Pride warmup jerseys? The NHL can’t get out of its own way.

USMNT goalie says Mexico anti-gay chants were ‘against everything that we stand for’

US Soccer empowers anti-gay soccer fans in the United States and Mexico. More homophobic chants will come.

Mexico fans won’t stop chanting a gay slur. Will US Soccer follow its own policy and ban Mexico?

What are US Soccer and CONCACAF waiting for?

Blue Jays release Anthony Bass after repeated anti-LGBTQ messages

Bass, who had shared an anti-LGBTQ message on Instagram, had been set to catch the opening pitch for Pride Night.

Mexico fans chant gay slur ‘puto’ at USMNT, cause CONCACAF to suspend match

Mexico fans couldn’t help from chanting a gay slur at Team USA. Now the match has been suspended.

College runner’s anti-gay bullying suit reinstated by federal court

In expansion of Title IX, court says sexual orientation can be used to judge cases of alleged harassment.

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass apologizes for LGBTQ boycott, meets with Pride leader

Bass had shared a ‘boycott Target’ post. He’s now going on a listening and image-rehab tour.

Red Sox call up homophobic minor league pitcher less than a week before Pride Night

New Red Sox pitcher Matt Dermody once tweeted that gay people ‘will go to hell.’

Sorry Newsmax, there’s a lot that’s gay about baseball—and it’s amazing

Right wing pundit Greg Kelly got all hot and bothered about Dodgers Pride Night. He won’t be the last.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence ‘outraged’ by getting boot from Dodgers on Pride Night

The LGBTQ advocacy group defended itself a day after the Dodgers disinvited them from Pride Night, while politicians and groups condemned the team.

Why MLB caving to anti-gay bigots saddens but doesn’t surprise this lapsed Catholic fan

Seeing the Catholic League’s outrage machine shut down part of the Dodgers’ Pride celebration called up some painful memories of growing up in the church.

French soccer club Toulouse sits players opposed to anti-homophobia initiative

French soccer team stands by its commitment to support International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

Even with the top draft pick, organizational homophobia makes it hard to support the Blackhawks

After the Blackhawks played their part in this year’s NHL Pride jersey fiasco, it’s hard to justify cheering for them as an LGBTQ fan. Even with Connor Bedard.

Children’s book on Billie Jean King might be banned in Florida district because one parent complained

A sentence in a cartoon book about the gay tennis icon caused one parent to ask that the title be removed from elementary school libraries.

West Virginia consequences for Bob Huggins get 1 thing right and 4 things wrong

Do the punishment, outreach and education fit Huggins’ repeated use of slurs and LGBTQ insults? Absolutely not.

Bob Huggins’ public comments were the most homophobic we’ve heard in sports since Tim Hardaway in 2007

Huggins knew the power of gay slurs and the potential career-ending repercussions. Inexplicably, he did it anyway.

Mexico fans used gay slurs. US Soccer didn’t pause the match. Now what?

As predicted, Mexico fans chanted a gay slur at the USMNT, and US Soccer didn’t follow its own protocol.

US Soccer poised to ban Mexico if fans chant anti-gay ‘puto’ during Wednesday’s match

US Soccer hosts Mexico in a USMNT friendly in Arizona today. Mexico fans are on notice.

Gay married Sacramento Kings fans sue team over alleged mistreatment by game security

The longtime season ticket holders say they were wrongfully detained and threatened by security, in part due to homophobia.

Ilya Lyubushkin is latest NHL player to refuse a rainbow jersey, cites ‘Russia!’

The Buffalo Sabres player is the first to publicly claim fear of Russia for why he won’t wear a rainbow.

Christian NHL brothers Eric and Marc Staal refuse to wear Pride jersey, ask for ‘respect’

The Staal brothers hid behind ‘prayer,’ issuing a statement that misses the entire point of the Pride jerseys.

How Vladimir Putin helps dictate what NHL teams do on Pride Nights

Russia’s anti-gay laws are being cited for some NHL teams backing down on having their players wear Pride-themed uniforms.

Harvard women’s ice hockey coach Katey Stone ignored her team’s homophobic hazing for decades

According to a new report, the legendary coach did nothing to stop her players from humiliating LGBTQ teammates.

Minnesota Wild are latest NHL team to cave to homophobia, abandon Pride jerseys

The Wild had announced players would wear rainbow jerseys. Then they quietly deleted web pages and didn’t.

Former UFC fighter Nate Marquardt responds to gay kiss on TV with homophobic Twitter rant

After seeing a gay kiss in a commercial, Marquardt unleashed a series of bigoted tweets, saying gays deserve ‘death.’

Tony Dungy, NFL analyst for NBC Sports, continues his Twitter assault on LGBT people

Dungy continues to question whether Jesus Christ - accepting of all people - would accept gay people.

Former NHL coach Marc Crawford under investigation after homophobic tirade during hockey game

Crawford was caught on camera directing a homophobic slur at a referee during a game in Switzerland’s National League.

LGBTQ inclusion in sports at all levels is in a slump

From locker rooms in the NHL, to sports boardrooms, to state and national legislatures, inclusion seems conditional at best, and unwanted at worst.

Nets’ Cam Thomas fined $40,000 for saying gay slur ‘no homo’ in postgame interview

Thomas says the use of the homophobic slur was ‘insensitive’ after uttering it on national TV. Expect a fine.


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