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Homophobia in sports

Warriors reporter’s old tweets talked about beating up gays

Warriors reporter Mark Haynes has apologized after at least 56 hateful tweets resurfaced from his past.

French soccer league player sits out game to avoid wearing Pride-themed uniform

For second year in a row, Paris Saint Germain’s Idrissa Gueye skipped the games where a rainbow-colored jersey was worn.

Mark Jackson continues to face allegations of graphic homophobia

Jackson has reportedly been turned down by the Kings and Lakers for their coaching positions.

Pro soccer player resurects the gay-panic shower nonsense

Gay athletes are sooooooo not scary in the shower. Yet we keep having to talk about this.

Gay Olympian Keith Frostad was harassed, attacked by swimmers in 1992

Frostad is breaking his 30-year silence, coming out publicly and talking about the abuse he endured.

‘All Germans are gay.’ Dutch soccer chant won’t get scrutiny, officials say

The Royal Dutch Football Association says the chant was too "short-lived" to warrant further action.

AHL suspends player 8 games for homophobic language

The league sent a strong message to Ben Holmstrom that anti-gay slurs are simply unacceptable.

Coach could face longest ban in WSL history over homophobic slur

The incident occurred during a match between Birmingham City Women and Tottenham Spurs Women.

Gay high school basketball player endures homophobic attacks from archrivals

After coming out and finding acceptance with his team, St. Peter’s Alex Bosacker is cruelly taunted and abused by rival New Ulm in Minnesota.

Torrey Craig offers sincere apology for anti-gay tweets, talks about embracing the LGBTQ community

Craig says his tweets from 2011 don’t reflect who he is today: a father with LGBTQ family members.

76ers forward Paul Reed apologizes for anti-gay tweets from his past

Reed was one of 40 NBA players whose previous homophobic tweets were featured in a recent Outsports story.

NBA player Torrey Craig silent about old tweets hating ‘gay dudes,’ laughing about shooting them

Torrey Craig previously retweeted a message about putting ‘a bullet’ in the head of gay men, saying he hates ‘gay dudes.’ And much more.

A gay NBA fan found 78 homophobic tweets by 40 players on 23 teams

Many tweets came years ago. It doesn’t lessen the sting for the gay fan who discovered them, or other gay men in basketball.

Good on the Red Sox for immediately releasing this racist and homophobic prospect

The Red Sox released Brett Netzer after the infielder went on a hateful social media tirade.

As LAFC prepares for its season, the ‘puto’ chant remains a target of the club

LAFC has demonstrated support for the LGBTQ community, yet it and other soccer clubs have been unable to eradicate the anti-gay slur.

This gay NHL fan was attacked and is coming forward to stop homophobia

Cadien Shaw hopes that sharing his experience can spark change.

Out Princeton wrestler says he quit the team due to rampant homophobia

AJ Lonski, a junior, details a vile culture where animosity towards LGBTQ people is part of everyday life.

Mexico soccer fans who chant anti-gay slurs will be banned from matches for 5 years

The Mexican Football Federation is finally issuing a heavy-handed policy to deal with fans who keep chanting homophobic slurs at games.

Anti-gay-chant lawsuit against Soldier Field heads to federal court as huge law firm takes the case

Winston & Strawn gives major boost to the federal fight against anti-gay chants, with important precedent at stake.

Josh Cavallo says fans targeted him with homophobic insults

The first out gay soccer player in Australia’s top professional league called out homophobic crowd abuse during a recent match.

Jaelene Daniels is back in soccer despite her anti-gay past. I’m reserving judgment. For now

Jaelene Daniels’ return to soccer, and her statement of ‘respect’ for LGBTQ teammates, tests our community’s grace.

These 2 athletes shared a kiss to celebrate a win. Some fans booed, others cheered

Janelly Farías celebrated the championship of her girlfriend, Rebeca Bernal. The kiss generated debate in Mexico.

Mexico loses appeal, fans banned 2 matches after chanting ‘puto’ in 1st match back

FIFA has upheld its ban of Mexico fans for 2 more matches as the battle over the ‘puto’ chant continues.

A fan called AEW’s Anthony Bowens a gay slur during a match, and Bowens responded perfectly

Out AEW wrestler Anthony Bowens responded after a fan directed a homophobic slur at him live on AEW Dynamite.

Years later, homophobic ‘rent boy’ chant still torments gay soccer fans

The slur remains a stubborn fixture of the U.K.’s soccer culture.

The complicated problem with Trey Lance’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes cleats

The San Francisco QB’s experiences with the group helped him grow, yet FCA is an anti-gay organization.

Former Egyptian soccer player goes in anti-gay rant about Premier League’s Rainbow Laces campaign

He calls homosexuality ‘a dangerous ideology’ and condemns a major English Premier League initiative.

How ‘Who cares’ has become codeword online for ‘I hate gay people’

Homophobic Facebook users try to keep gay athletes in the closet with messages like ‘Who cares?’

Mexican soccer coach kicked off press conference by asking if there are ‘f*****s here?’

Ricardo "Tuca" Ferretti’s slur came days after FIFA again banned Mexico’s fans from attending home matches for their persistent homophobic behavior.

Gay soccer player Josh Cavallo would be ‘scared’ to play World Cup in anti-gay Qatar

Comments by the newly out player show how soccer failed when it awarded World Cup to a country hostile to LGBTQ rights.

The Blackhawks should not hold another Pride Night until they address anti-gay attacks on Kyle Beach

Chicago’s LGBTQ hockey fans should not let themselves be used as a prop as the Blackhawks search for a redemption narrative.

Massachusetts high school hockey team facing allegations of brazenly homophobic and racist hazing

The Danvers High School hockey team allegedly enforced "Gay Tuesdays," where players were ordered to get naked and touch each other.