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Homophobia in sports

A fan called AEW’s Anthony Bowens a gay slur during a match, and Bowens responded perfectly

Out AEW wrestler Anthony Bowens responded after a fan directed a homophobic slur at him live on AEW Dynamite.

Years later, homophobic ‘rent boy’ chant still torments gay soccer fans

The slur remains a stubborn fixture of the U.K.’s soccer culture.

The complicated problem with Trey Lance’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes cleats

The San Francisco QB’s experiences with the group helped him grow, yet FCA is an anti-gay organization.

Former Egyptian soccer player goes in anti-gay rant about Premier League’s Rainbow Laces campaign

He calls homosexuality ‘a dangerous ideology’ and condemns a major English Premier League initiative.

How ‘Who cares’ has become codeword online for ‘I hate gay people’

Homophobic Facebook users try to keep gay athletes in the closet with messages like ‘Who cares?’

Mexican soccer coach kicked off press conference by asking if there are ‘f*****s here?’

Ricardo "Tuca" Ferretti’s slur came days after FIFA again banned Mexico’s fans from attending home matches for their persistent homophobic behavior.

Gay soccer player Josh Cavallo would be ‘scared’ to play World Cup in anti-gay Qatar

Comments by the newly out player show how soccer failed when it awarded World Cup to a country hostile to LGBTQ rights.

The Blackhawks should not hold another Pride Night until they address anti-gay attacks on Kyle Beach

Chicago’s LGBTQ hockey fans should not let themselves be used as a prop as the Blackhawks search for a redemption narrative.

Massachusetts high school hockey team facing allegations of brazenly homophobic and racist hazing

The Danvers High School hockey team allegedly enforced "Gay Tuesdays," where players were ordered to get naked and touch each other.

Out former Florida basketball player accuses coach of harassing her over sexuality

Cydnee Kinslow says Cameron Newbauer, who resigned in July, wrongly accused her of dating a teammate.

Chicago Blackhawks said ‘Chris Pronger is gay’ during Stanley Cup final

As Kyle Beach was being harassed with anti-gay slurs for reporting sexual assault to the Blackhawks, players got caught on camera doing this.

Brazil volleyball team cuts player after his homophobic remarks about bi Superman

Mauricio Souza was upset that the new Superman is bi and kissed his boyfriend. His remarks got him fired.

Rangers and Braves drop the ball for LGBTQ youth on Spirit Day, while Astros get a save

Many in the sports world stepped up for LGBTQ youth on Spirit Day, but the Rangers and Braves weren’t having it.

Carl Nassib takes personal day in wake of Jon Gruden anti-gay comments

Carl Nassib may feel more alone than he felt when he was in the closet. That is a tragedy.

Most out LGBTQ athletes say their teammates ‘never’ targeted them with slurs, study shows

LGBTQ athletes report hearing anti-LGBTQ language from a minority of teammates, though it’s still too many.

Tony Dungy’s tone-deaf defense of Jon Gruden keeps looking worse

Dungy blinded defended Gruden before his homophobic emails were uncovered.

Carl Nassib has an NFL job. Jon Gruden does not. Welcome to sports in 2021

Gruden was forced to resign after past anti-gay language was revealed. Nassib is still playing for the same Raiders.

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden resigns after calling Roger Goodell a ‘fag**t’

Gruden sent a barrage of homophobic emails to friends around the NFL.

When this gay college soccer player was called a slur by an opponent, his team rallied around him to a 5-0 win

Couper Gunn had talked openly with his team about gay slurs and their impact on him. It impacted him that night.

Catholic high school rehired a gay coach following outcry from students and parents

Benet Academy originally rescinded Amanda Kammes’ job offer when administrators learned she was gay.

Kansas State and Jordy Nelson drop anti-gay group Young Life from Wildcats fundraiser this weekend

K-State and Nelson agreed to cut ties with the organization after hearing from LGBTQ people.

FIFA reduces Mexico’s ban on anti-gay chanting fans, again gives the middle finger to the LGBTQ community

Fans who yell anti-gay chants will allowed back into Mexico soccer matches sooner than expected.

Elite cyclist comes out, calls out his sport for homophobia

Elite British cyclist Clay Davies says more must be done to stamp out anti-gay sentiments.

Former UFC fighter Alistair Overeem goes anti-gay in describing pro wrestling

During an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani Monday, Overeem described pro wrestling as ‘gay.’

Volleyball coach says he left high school because they wouldn’t let him be gay

Inoke Tonga says school administrators told him he was a danger to children.

Olympic volleyball player gets abuse after posting photo with her girlfriend

Teammates rally around Olympic volleyballer Ebrar Karakurt after she is compelled to take down photo with her girlfriend.

Why gay tennis player wouldn’t let an on-court slur slide

‘I won’t stay silent like I would have when I wasn’t out and didn’t accept myself for being gay,’ Nick Lee writes about an incident at his adult tennis league.

Team LGBTQ won more medals than every single country that criminalizes homosexuality

A moment of pride for the LGBTQ community, as 57 out athletes won at least 33 different Olympic medals.

Belgian sports journalist suspended after homophobia against the Olympic women’s hoops squad

Players crack back on commentator Eddy Demarez for calling one of their teammates "a man" as the team returned from Tokyo.

Pro tennis player wears rainbow accessories after yelling anti-gay slur during the Olympics

Fabio Fognini wore a rainbow headband and wristbands for his first match since the incident.

LGBTQ Olympians ‘perverts’ and ‘abomination,’ Russian state TV says

Russian state TV can’t stand the fact that a record number of LGBTQ Olympians are out and proud.

Out gymnast on panel to focus on plight of LGBTQ people in Sri Lanka

Luke Strong wants to use his position to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues in Sri Lanka.