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Reactions to Jason Collins

Five years after Jason Collins came out as gay, little progress in pro team sports

Leagues have adopted pro-LGBT policies, but athletes still don’t come out.

Woodson's Perfect Response To Gays In NFL

The free agent cornerback puts the onus not on the gay player, but on those who might have a problem with him. "It’s not going to stop you from playing football."

NFL Players: Gays The Same As Drunks, Prostitutes

DeMario Davis and Kirk Cousins say they would welcome an openly gay player on their teams. But their religious beliefs cause them to equate homosexuality with being a prostitute, demon or a drunk.

187 pro athletes' reactions to Jason Collins

Current and former professional athletes in all the big sports -- from Kobe Bryant to Kirk Gibson -- weighed in on Jason Collins coming out. And the vast majority were supportive.

Roundup: Read media reaction to Jason Collins

Just about every angle has been taken regarding Jason Collins' coming out, from opposition to support, religion to race, and everything in between

Carson Palmer, 12 Colts Would Embrace Gay Player

In the wake of the Jason Collins coming out in the NBA, players in the NFL speak up about having gay teammates.

Church Cancels Packer For Supporting Collins

A church in Wisconsin canceled a planned speech by former Green Bay Packers safety LeRoy Butler after he expressed support for NBA player Jason Collins coming out as gay. The church cited a "morals clause."

Reaction: Shepard's Mom; Colbert; Lance Bass

Collins' number choice made Matthew Shepard's mom cry; Stephen Colbert: "I knew once we allowed Major League Soccer, it would turn all the other sports gay"; :Lance Bass; Collins' ex-fiancee.