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Honorees 51-60: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"When you do come into your workspace, you don’t want to feel hindered or like you’ve got to hide yourself," says a WNBA star on the list, along with people from the NBA, UFC and wheelchair basketball.

‘Annoyingly positive’ Erica Smith builds unbreakable bonds at Sweet Briar College

How the first trans woman student-athlete at a small Virginia all-women’s college made a mark and made positive change.

When this All-American came out to her team, a ‘rainbow volcano’ erupted

During her senior year at UMass Amherst, lacrosse star Sarah Crowley came out, and five teammates followed suit.

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Gay slur from a fan and game of Hangman with teammates inspired college athlete to come out

After coming out at her Maryland college, Lindsey Farrell "felt more connected to not only the sports community, but now my community as an LGBTQ+ member."

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2021’s LGBTQ sports winners and losers

Once a week, every week, Outsports’ managing editor selects big stories from the past 7 days of LGBTQ sports coverage.

Gay high school lacrosse player found strength from pro player’s allyship

Antonio Corral came out as gay while playing high school lacrosse and said a pro player’s support for LGBTQ athletes meant a lot.

For trans high school lacrosse player, it was liberating playing with boys team

‘On the field, I’m not a trans kid or an autistic kid or a depressed kid. I’m a lacrosse player,’ Gabriel Kris says.

Gay U.S. lacrosse goalie came out to ‘normalize what makes us different’

Madison Doucette used her coming out as gay in lacrosse to increase acceptance.

Out lacrosse player Erin Walters-Williams keeps pushing for a ‘culture of inclusion’

The former Welsh National Team member shares her own experience with positive LGBTQ sports role models with Sky Sports, and uses some choice words from Megan Rapinoe to move sport in the right direction.

Michelle Tumolo is an openly gay lacrosse superstar

She has been an elite player in college and in helping the U.S. to a world title and has done while being openly gay.

Support grows for out LGBTQ student athletes on college campuses

Out LGBTQ student athletes at Swarthmore College in Penn., have formed a new student organization, joining a national conversation.

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Gay lacrosse player breaks the ‘bro’ stereotype at Catholic high school

For years, Antonio Corral felt out of place in lacrosse, until he came out as gay and embraced who he is.

Lacrosse goalie Molly Wolf’s coming out tale is an absolutely perfect Pride story

Lacrosse goalie Molly Wolf of WPLL Pride came out at her high school graduation, and now works to coach and mentor children.

30 LGBTQ athletes who showed ‘Stonewall Spirit’: Andrew Goldstein

Every day of Pride month, Outsports is profiling an LGBTQ athlete whose life and achievements carry on the spirit of the Stonewall Uprising. Today’s is Andrew Goldstein.

Lacrosse coach comes out by introducing his boyfriend on Facebook

Aron Lipkin decided to come out as gay in honor of his late friend and assistant coach on National Coming Out Day.

For gay high school lacrosse player, coming out meant keeping a promise

Madison Harris, a high school lacrosse player, promised herself to come out to stay true to who she was.

This trans athlete played college lacrosse openly and won conference titles

Ryan Socolow came out to his team in 2013 and found a warm embrace from coach and teammates.

Alabama lesbian lacrosse player says goodbye to her sport

LGBTQ College Roundup: Minnesota’s Derek Wiebke named Minnesota Men’s Big Ten Medal of Honor winner

College soccer, lacrosse player came out as gay to teammates by playing Hangman

Her best friend put her up to it, she says in a student film.

Straight lacrosse player Paul Rabil posts LGBT pride message, gets attacked for it, stands up against bullying

It’s time for athletes to take on cyberbullying, he says.

With one click of Facebook’s “post” button, this gay college lax bro saw his team’s love

“I love you,” a teammate replied to Bradley Whitaker’s coming out.

Straight lax bros welcome gay teammate

Colin Shaw came out to his teammates a few years after leaving Wagner College. Now he plays with them again, just another one of the lax bros.

Courage Game is what LGBT sports movement needs

Bringing together over 150 people in lacrosse to support LGBT athletes and coaches, this year's Courage Game became a model for building inclusion and empowerment.

Trans freshman finds home on boys' lacrosse team

Alex Singh talks about the powerful impact being on his high school's boys' lacrosse team has had on him.

Out college lacrosse goalie got equality tattoo

When Taylor Tvedt came out in high school, parents tried to force her to use a separate locker room from their daughters. Now she is hoping to improve the LGBT-athlete outreach at Lehigh Univ.

Things so much better for gay lacrosse player

Braeden Lange prepares for the second annual Courage Game.

12-year-old raises money for homeless LGBT youth

"We need all the support we can get because this will actually save lives," Braeden Lange says.

Gay high school lacrosse coach gets team's support

Kyle Martin coaches at the same high school he attended and considers himself lucky for the support he has received.

My increasing frustration w/ closeted pro athletes

ESPN's piece on The Courage Game, featuring trailblazing gay lacrosse player Andrew Goldstein, demonstrated the transformative power of pro athletes coming out and the sad reality that so few of them are willing to do it.

Podcast: Andrew Goldstein on ESPN, gay refs

Andrew Goldstein's Courage Game effort to help a young gay lacrosse player will be featured on ESPN this weekend. Plus, gay referees are slowly coming out and talking about homophobia in their corner of the sports world.

Podcast live 3pmET: Andrew Goldstein, gay refs

Andrew Goldstein's Courage Game effort to help a young gay lacrosse player will be featured on ESPN this weekend. Plus, gay referees are slowly coming out and talking about homophobia in their corner of the sports world.

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ESPN visits Andrew Goldstein and the young life he helped save

In 2004, then-Dartmouth lacrosse goalie Andrew Goldstein wrote a powerful piece for Outsports about coming out to his lacrosse team. Since then, Andrew has played professional lacrosse, moved to Los Angeles, got married and is now on his way to curing cancer. Earlier this year he met Braeden, a young lacrosse player who was struggling with being gay. Goldstein knew he had to do something to help Braeden. This Sunday, Aug. 30, ESPN will air the story of Andrew, Braeden and the Courage Game that helped save young Braeden's life.