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Gay Octagon employee breaks through depression

Stephen Ossola went back in the closet to take a job at Octagon, one of the world's leading athlete-management companies with clients including Stephen Curry, Michael Phelps, Jimmie Johnson and Jennie Finch. Now the former lax player is living free.

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Why I love women's college sports

I have found an admiration for women's college sports and enjoy them more than the men's games.

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College lax player wrote 420 love poems to his BF

This college lacrosse player won't come out, but he wrote 420 secret love poems to his boyfriend at a different school.

College lacrosse player comes out in fun ways

While nobody quite knew how to handle a gay player when Richards came out, the entire Kenyon lacrosse team now again calls him their lax bro.

Israeli national lax team recruits gay goalie

Goldstein will tend goal for Israel against the Iroquois Nationals in Syracuse, Sept. 29

GForce adds gay lacrosse team

Andrew McIntosh to speak at Fresno church

First the NHL, now this!