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Resources for LGBTQ high school student-athletes

If you’re an LGBTQ high school student-athlete, check out these resources designed to offer you support.

Get connected and get involved with the LGBTQ sports community

There are many ways LGBTQ athletes and coaches can get connected and involved with this vibrant community.

Trans inclusion resources for high school sports

There are various resources for people who are trans, or who support trans athletes, to find encouragement and build community.

Inspiring videos of athletes and others coming out and being out in sports and in life

Seeing and hearing the coming-out stories of LGBTQ young people can be inspiring and informing. Here’s our collection.

Resources for parents who have LGBTQ children

For some parents, navigating a course for the family with an LGBTQ child can take some care and resources.

LGBTQ-inclusion resources for athletic departments and coaches

Athletic departments and coaches can get ahead of LGBTQ inclusion conversations with some first steps.

LGBTQ High School Athlete Resources

LGBTQ High School Athlete Resources

A hub for a collection of resources for athletes, coaches, teachers and parents looking to support LGBTQ high school athletes.

Tell your coming out story on Outsports

You can change the lives of LGBT athletes simply by telling your story. If you're an LGBT athlete, coach or sports administrator, and you're ready to share, we'd love for you to tell your story on Outsports.

Most out LGBTQ athletes say their teammates ‘never’ targeted them with slurs, study shows

LGBTQ athletes report hearing anti-LGBTQ language from a minority of teammates, though it’s still too many.

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Out In Sports Study: Out LGBTQ athletes report deep, widespread acceptance from teammates

A new study by Outsports, Univ. of Winchester and Sports Equality Foundation shatters perceptions of LGBTQ hate in sports.

Gay Texas high school athlete comes out to team and starts a Gay Straight Alliance

‘The realization hit me that I was the first gay person any of my teammates had ever met,’ Britton Majure says after he came out as gay.

This gay high school swimmer has mom coaching him every step of the way

Ben Quinn has thrived as an openly gay teenager in conservative Indiana.

This gay football player’s superpowers against bullying were coming out and empowering himself

Jacob Lancaster faced daily bullying in elementary school. Now he’s focus on his senior season with his teammates.

The backstop for young closeted athletes struggling to come out

As we countdown to National Coming Out Day, The Trevor Project is providing resources to student athletes who are secretly LGBTQ.

How this gay softball player overcame high school taunts, and embraced her true self

When Zoe Kim came out in high school, she was taunted and demeaned. That all changed at Sarah Lawrence College.

Gay high school football star, out to teammates since middle school, never heard a gay slur

Terrence Bogan scored 77 touchdowns while also starring in school plays. Next year he’ll play for Trinity College.

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‘Fabulous’ high school football lineman Jacob Lancaster refuses to be anyone else

Playing football and idolizing Billy Porter have rarely gone hand-in-hand. Jacob Lancaster is breaking the mold.

Bisexual high school baseball player calls out opponent for gay slur

Sam Culwell, a bisexual high school pitcher in upstate New York, said he was called a gay slur by an opposing team.

He’s gay, a high school state soccer champ and accepted by his team in the Bible Belt

Adam Burnett is a highly recruited gay soccer player from Missouri who will be playing in the NCAA next season.

This gay student is taking this straight football captain to homecoming

Alexander Duarte has never had a date to a school dance. Now he does.

Gay athlete to receive Voice Award for his high school leadership

GMCLA will honor MIT-bound athlete Zach Johnson on May 5.

High school football star comes out as gay, will play at Indiana State

Jake Bain and his boyfriend are totally accepted by his football team.

Coming out is relief for high school basketballer

Emma Delsohn plays basketball at a Catholic girls school and feared what her coming out would mean. She tells about her journey of self-acceptance and team-acceptance.