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Byron Perkins’ NFL Shop ‘Drip’ spot highlights an out gay college football player

The NFL is being intentional by including Perkins, an out gay college football player.

I didn’t like Dylan Mulvaney’s March Madness video. Her Super Bowl ad? I’m in.

The fun a company could have with Dylan Mulvaney in a Super Bowl ad knows no bounds.

Was the World Cup ‘too big to... opt out’?

This sports executive raises questions about why companies like Coca-Cola opted to support the World Cup despite human-rights abuses in Qatar.

Outsports’ new logo reflects uplifting stories and the forward movement of our community

Outsports is dedicated to lifting people up and driving acceptance in sports. Our new logo reflects that.

Drag queen, LGBT fans star alongside Serena Williams and Ukraine in new ESPN ad

ESPN features the LGBT community and the Pride rainbow in inclusive commercial for the sports network.

Olympic champ Angela Ruggiero has built the ‘Moneyball’ of sports business

Ruggiero traded in the hockey rink for the board room and is finding the same success.

Brazilian volleyball ace Tiffany Abreu shows ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ in new Adidas ad

The first trans woman to play in the elite Brazil Superliga is the first trans woman athlete to be featured in a major ad campaign.

These 4 LGBTQ-inclusive ads aired in the Super Bowl

Billie Jean King, RuPaul, Lil Nas X and Dan Levy appear in commercials that ran on CBS during Super Bowl LV.

LGBTQ athletes star in new Pride-themed ‘Be True’ video for Nike

Trans athlete Chris Mosier joins Sue Bird, Brittney Griner and others in Nike’s new Pride-themed ‘Be True’ video.

Angry Birds: This baseball team dropped Chick-fil-A

The Madison, Wisconsin Mallards ended their business relationship with Chick-fil-A over the company’s reputation for supporting anti-LGBTQ causes.

Out pro wrestler Anthony Bowens in fun commercial for Domino’s Pizza

Anthony Bowens is a football player in a new Domino’s Pizza commercial.

Nike ‘Just Do It’ campaign features out runner Caster Semenya

Semenya has endured years of scrutiny as an LGBTQ Olympic athlete.

Adam Rippon, Danny Amendola talk body shaving in locker room in new ad

Openly gay skater Adam Rippon and Dolphins receiver Danny Amendola chat easily about body shaving while shirtless in a locker room.

After coming out, gay professional has sights set on sports administration

Ben Pereira realized he did not have to give up on his dream.

Megan Rapinoe inks endorsement deal with sports drink

The 32-year-old says she’s making some small changes to stay competitive on the pitch.

Pride Tape wins a Clio Award

The LGBT-athlete support campaign wins gold.

Watch: NFL uses ‘Kiss Cam’ to send message of equality and love in new ‘No Labels’ ad

‘Love Has No Labels,’ NFL says.

Nike airing trans-athlete commercial during Rio

Nike features groundbreaking trans athlete Chris Mosier in its 'Unlimited Courage' series tonight on NBC during the Rio Olympics.

Africa's first gay rugby team has bold campaign

The Jozi Cats of South Africa will undoubtedly garner some attention with their bold new campaign.

Matador advertises gay drink on pink cape

Video: How to shave your pubes, chest etc.

Nike: ‘We Ain’t Right’

Nike campaign stirs charges of homophobia


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