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Non-binary wrestling journalists don’t deserve feeling othered

I went to cover AEW ‘WrestleDream’ and came away thinking about the experience of being non-binary in pro wrestling and sports media instead of anything that happened in the ring.

I didn’t like Dylan Mulvaney’s March Madness video. Her Super Bowl ad? I’m in.

The fun a company could have with Dylan Mulvaney in a Super Bowl ad knows no bounds.

Outsports shines at NLGJA Convention 2023

A discussion on LGBTQ sports was a highlight, but for this first-time attendee it was also a coming out and a coming home.

Paul Bissonnette loves talking about bending guys over with ‘no spit, no lube’

Bissonnette seems to relish in graphically describing naked men and sex with them.

Outsports hosting NLGJA journalists conversation about covering LGBTQ athletes

Outsports’ Karleigh Webb and Cyd Zeigler will talk to journalists about covering LGBTQ athletes and sports’ inclusion efforts.

Outsports is the next chapter in my story — it feels like coming home

UK-based journalist Jon Holmes has benefited greatly from the strong sense of belonging that Outsports offers LGBTQ+ people. Now he’s excited to be joining the editorial team.

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Kevin Maxen supported by NFL and Jacksonville Jaguars

Outsports' Cyd Zeigler joined the @NFLNetwork on @undisputedfs172 to talk about his story about Jacksonville Jaguars strength coach Kevin Maxen coming out publicly. And he even got Devin McCourty to say Outsports' tagline: Courage Is Contagious. Courtesy of Good Morning Football and the NFL Network.

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Red card to BBC for Moroccan soccer gay question

A BBC reporter asked Morocco player Ghizlane Chebbak if there are gay players on the team.

OutKick: Outsports is ‘homophobic’ for sharing Kevin Maxen’s coming out story

Chad Withrow and Jonathan Hutton of OutKick make it clear they want LGBTQ voices silenced.

Gay broadcaster Eric Bach advocates for more LGBTQ representation throughout baseball

As the only out gay play-by-play announcer in the minor leagues, Bach remains determined to succeed despite feelings of isolation.

Conservative pundits freak out over Megan Rapinoe’s support for a potential trans teammate

After Rapinoe told Time Magazine she would welcome a transgender athlete to the USWNT, right-wing pundits tried to weaponize her impending retirement against her.

Honorees 41-50: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"For the gay and lesbian community, there is more acceptance than even five years ago," says a CBS Sports exec, on this list with a trans athlete and activist, a sports columnist and pro wrestler.

Top 10: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"I’m just trying to make it not as tough for the next generation," says a basketball superstar on this list, along with executives with a Major League Baseball team and CBS, an NFL player and soccer legends.

Honorees 11-20: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"If we don’t fight for our community and ourselves, who will?" says a U.S. women’s soccer star on this list, along with an NBA executive, an Olympian and two WNBA head coaches.

Honorees 21-30: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"Sports has notoriously and publicly suffered from a lack of LGBTQ+ representation," says an NBA exec on this list, along with people from MLB, ESPN and the NFL.

Honorees 31-40: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"I look the impact of integrating LGBTQ narratives into sports as my impact," says a sports editor on this list, along with two former Olympians and people from the NBA, MMA, and a college sports.

Honorees 61-70: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

A former NFL player who appeared in the Super Bowl is on this list, along with people from NBC, the Washington Post, MLS and WNBA.

Honorees 71-80: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"Since I have been completely out, I feel like I am on a victory tour with every conversation I have," says a pro soccer exec on this list with people from the WNBA, NBC, CBS, ESPN and U.S. Ski and Snowboard.

Christina Kahrl’s mission continues as major-market sports editor who is trans

The pioneering trans sports journalist is an Outsports Power 100 honoree for her trailblazing media work.

Vice show ‘Queer Sports’ is 1st to tackle LGBTQ sports topics

Arielle Duhaime-Ross hosts weekly conversations about LGBTQ sports inclusion for Vice.

Podcaster says he was fired for playing Bob Huggins’ uncensored remarks

Josh Neighbors, a Big 12 podcaster, says his company fired him for violating its rules against hate speech.

Tony Dungy says transgender people just need ‘Jesus’ to save them

After claiming trans kids want litter boxes in schools, Dungy now says they just need ‘Jesus.’

ESPN’s Izzy Gutierrez gives touching shout-out to LGBTQ sports leagues on ‘Around the Horn’

The prominent out NBA reporter relished his experience playing in a major LGBTQ flag football tournament over President’s Day Weekend.

Tony Dungy defiant, ‘apologizes’ to Christians and NBC, not to the LGBT community. It’s intentional.

NBC refused a request from LGBTQ employees to have Dungy apologize on-air, and the network has refused to comment publicly.

NBC owes an explanation as Tony Dungy says kids are confused into thinking they’re cats.

Dungy was hired by NBC Sports after advocating against same-sex marriage. This tweet went beyond any of his previous statements.

Tony Dungy promotes false story about students identifying as cats, seemingly to discredit LGBTQ people

Tony Dungy says schools provide litter boxes for students identifying as cats. He is a current NBC Sports analyst.

Tony Dungy had a really, really bad NFL weekend

The anti-gay analyst was eviscerated for his brutal performance while calling Chargers-Jaguars.

What to make of Tony Dungy’s anti-gay present and past, and NBC’s choice to remain silent

For almost two decades Dungy has spoken out against the LGBT community, as NBC and his colleagues stay silent.

Gay soccer writer details his experience in Qatar: ‘It was psychologically challenging’

The Athletic’s Adam Crafton says covering the World Cup in Qatar was jarring in many ways.

Grant Wahl rainbow-colored memorial jersey is now for sale

The beloved sports journalist died unexpectedly this month while covering the World Cup.

Soccer writer Grant Wahl died in Qatar of natural causes, had worn Pride shirt at World Cup

Wahl was covering the World Cup in Qatar, had said he felt a bit under the weather. People around the world have shared their love for him.

This non-binary and asexual sportswriter sees the power in sharing her story

At Sports Illustrated, Julie Kliegman’s coverage goes far beyond the X’s and O’s.


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