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Podcaster says he was fired for playing Bob Huggins’ uncensored remarks

Josh Neighbors, a Big 12 podcaster, says his company fired him for violating its rules against hate speech.

Tony Dungy says transgender people just need ‘Jesus’ to save them

After claiming trans kids want litter boxes in schools, Dungy now says they just need ‘Jesus.’

ESPN’s Izzy Gutierrez gives touching shout-out to LGBTQ sports leagues on ‘Around the Horn’

The prominent out NBA reporter relished his experience playing in a major LGBTQ flag football tournament over President’s Day Weekend.

Tony Dungy defiant, ‘apologizes’ to Christians and NBC, not to the LGBT community. It’s intentional.

NBC refused a request from LGBTQ employees to have Dungy apologize on-air, and the network has refused to comment publicly.

NBC owes an explanation as Tony Dungy says kids are confused into thinking they’re cats.

Dungy was hired by NBC Sports after advocating against same-sex marriage. This tweet went beyond any of his previous statements.

Tony Dungy promotes false story about students identifying as cats, seemingly to discredit LGBTQ people

Tony Dungy says schools provide litter boxes for students identifying as cats. He is a current NBC Sports analyst.

Tony Dungy had a really, really bad NFL weekend

The anti-gay analyst was eviscerated for his brutal performance while calling Chargers-Jaguars.

What to make of Tony Dungy’s anti-gay present and past, and NBC’s choice to remain silent

For almost two decades Dungy has spoken out against the LGBT community, as NBC and his colleagues stay silent.

Gay soccer writer details his experience in Qatar: ‘It was psychologically challenging’

The Athletic’s Adam Crafton says covering the World Cup in Qatar was jarring in many ways.

Grant Wahl rainbow-colored memorial jersey is now for sale

The beloved sports journalist died unexpectedly this month while covering the World Cup.

Soccer writer Grant Wahl died in Qatar of natural causes, had worn Pride shirt at World Cup

Wahl was covering the World Cup in Qatar, had said he felt a bit under the weather. People around the world have shared their love for him.

This non-binary and asexual sportswriter sees the power in sharing her story

At Sports Illustrated, Julie Kliegman’s coverage goes far beyond the X’s and O’s.

British tabloid is teasing that a former Premier League player will come out before the World Cup

The Sun, which has previously published erroneous rumors about gay English soccer players, says the ex-player is irate that Qatar is hosting the World Cup.

This gay sports reporter finally exhaled when she could be herself

After years of fearing whether her sexuality would negatively impact her career, Arielle Orsuto is living her best life in Denver.

Revisiting Manti Te’o and the gay question

A Netflix doc about Te’o’s fake girlfriend shows how the media framed questions about the linebacker’s sexuality in accusatory fashion.

Charles Barkley delivers a message to homophobes: ‘F-you!’

Barkley recently expressed his full-throated support for the LGBTQ community in colorful fashion.

Trans cyclist Emily Bridges gives powerful interview, wants to see a trans-inclusion policy in cycling now

In the ITV interview, Bridges says anti-trans statements by British PM Boris Johnson led to threats against her.

Warriors reporter’s old tweets talked about beating up gays

Warriors reporter Mark Haynes has apologized after at least 56 hateful tweets resurfaced from his past.

Sports broadcaster opens up after being outed by now-fired colleague

Megan Barnard’s story illustrates the challenging climate that LGBTQ sports broadcasters face.

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Who is the real Thom Brennaman, and does he deserve a second chance?

LGBTQ leaders share insights about the man they’ve gotten to know, both before and since he used the gay slur heard ‘round the sports world.

ESPN broadcasters protest Florida’s new controversial LGBTQ law during NCAA Women’s Tournament

The commentators held a moment of silence to show support for the LGBTQ community.

Jon Holmes departs Sky Sports, having already changed how British media address LGBTQ athletes

Holmes is one of the first journalists outside the U.S. to prioritize the stories of LGBTQ athletes. He’s on to the next adventure.

Johnny Weir translating Russian in real time after Kamila Valieva’s fall was broadcasting brilliance

Give the man an Emmy.

NBC broadcasts again snub the LGBTQ community. It’s now an Olympic tradition

NBC again fails to mention the historic presence of LGBTQ athletes during its Opening Ceremony and competition broadcasts.

Newly retired, gay sportswriting pioneer Roger Brigham reflects on how sports saved his life

Brigham, who recently retired from full-time journalism after 46 years, is one of the LGBTQ sports community’s biggest champions.

An out teenager is petitioning the media to highlight Qatar’s anti-LGBTQ laws ahead of the World Cup

Chloe, a 15-year-old soccer fanatic, sees through the Gulf kingdom’s hollow gestures.

Tony Dungy’s tone-deaf defense of Jon Gruden keeps looking worse

Dungy blinded defended Gruden before his homophobic emails were uncovered.

Charles Barkley wore Carl Nassib’s jersey on ESPN2’s ‘Monday Night Football’ broadcast

The NBA Hall of Famer has always supported LGBTQ people in sports.

Here’s the craziest ‘media circus’ photo you’ll see at Carl Nassib’s first game Saturday

Carl Nassib coming out was a 3-day story. It continues to be just that as the Raiders host the Seahawks.

10 stories that capture the Tokyo Olympics for the LGBTQ community

GLAAD and Outsports bring you our list of the LGBTQ Tokyo Olympics stories that capture our movement.

The Olympics and NBC failed Alana Smith and the non-binary community

NBC has issued a statement claiming its commentators used correct pronouns for Smith, when in fact they misgendered Smith multiple times.

For LGBTQ reporters, covering the Olympics is surreal

Several openly LGBTQ reporters will be covering the Games in Tokyo, and they’re ready to tell the stories of the record-setting number of out athletes.