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Media Roundup

Roundup: Rogers, Griner, Gordon, Bean, gays in NHL

News: Robbie Rogers' boyfriend; gay swim calendar

Gay sports news: Anti-gay tweet, Craig James

Openly gay pro soccer player Anton Hysen wants gay athletes to come out, but he says there is 'so much ignorance.' Another soccer player apologizes for anti-gay tweet. And Craig James is speaking at a conservative summit.

News roundup: Ben Cohen, boycott, gay footballers

How small is the possibility that there are no gay footballers in the UK? It's as close to zero as you can get without being zero

News: Jason Collins' ex-fiance; UFC dudes 'kiss'

Says Carolyn Moos of the gay NBA player she was to marry: "I empathize with Jason and support him. But at the same time, I remain deeply hurt by him. I wish he could have been honest with me years ago."

Roundup: Rogers cheered, Orlando Cruz at Pride

Even away from home, new LA Galaxy player Robbie Rogers is cheered. Also, a new book by Bill Konigsberg, gay boxer Orlando Cruz at Queens Pride and Kate Fagan's great feature on Brittney Griner

News: Naked Rowers: Baseball Players In Playgirl

News: Sports shoving Christians in the closet?

Also: Stories on Jarron Collins, Fallon Fox, Roger Goodell, Carolina Hurricanes and Glenn Burke

Roundup: Read media reaction to Jason Collins

Just about every angle has been taken regarding Jason Collins' coming out, from opposition to support, religion to race, and everything in between

News: Coach says gays face locker room jungle

Orlando Predators coach Doug Plank, of Arena Football, says football locker rooms aren't ready for gay players.

Roundup: Lochte, Kluwe at Pride, out UCLA coach

Kluwe is Pride grand marshal. Out coach at UCLA. Ryan Lohte's dumb answers

Roundup: Steve Buckley on Boston marathon

Gay Boston Herald columnist nails the meaning of the Boston Marathon

Roundup: Seeking Gay ATP Player, '42,' Suspensions

A columnist wants a gay pro tennis player. Gay-slur suspensions for NFL and other sports. Robbie Rogers wants to return to soccer?

News: Mark Cuban, Chris Kluwe, Soccer Fans, Media

Mark Cuban says he would be proud to have first gay NBA player, soccer fans warned against homophobia

Soccer News: Brighton & German Fans, Joey Barton

Fans in England and Germany mobilize to fight homophobia, while Brit Joey Barton makes a Twitter misstep

News: All Day, Kobe, Gay Swedish Hockey Ad

Adrian Peterson asked about race of first out gay pro. Esera Tuaolo talks. Kobe Bryant and Magic's gay kid.

News: Chris Clemons, 6th grader, Coming Out

Chris Clemons' comments get more scrutiny, and more and more straight writers talk about out athletes

Media Roundup: Kluwe, Athlete Ally, NFL Reax

Arcus Foundation makes $100k donation to Athlete Ally. Chris Kluwe says gay player wouldn't be distraction.

Roundup: Gay Sports Stories In The Media

A roundup of some recent coverage on the issue.