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Lance Bass clarifies that he’s not Taylor Swift on the LA Chargers Jumbotron

The *NSYNC star brings a sign to the Chargers game and has some fun with the NFL’s new obsession with Swift.

Could Taylor Swift make the NFL must-watch TV for gay Swifties?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have seen their dating life take the country by storm.

Philadelphia Phillies bring back gay anthem ‘Dancing On My Own’ to inspire playoff push

After falling into a last-place tie, the Phillies turn to last season’s victory (gay) anthem to bring back their winning ways.

Gay pro baseball player/country singer Bryan Ruby knocks his cover of John Fogerty’s ‘Centerfield’ out of the park

During his hardball career, Ruby heard ‘Centerfield’ almost every day. Now he’s released a country-rock cover of the song and it’s a banger.

Gay baseball player/country singer Bryan Ruby debuts a brand new LGBTQ Christmas carol

Ruby wrote ‘Christmas with You’ on the road during baseball season.

This gay jock-turned-musician has found a home in our rainbow-colored big tent

A recent performance of ‘Take Me Out’ helped Mike Maimone reflect on his path to self-acceptance.

Villanova star Will Sheridan to be inducted into state basketball hall of fame

The former Villanova star came out 10 years ago and is being honored in Delaware for his accomplishments.

Bryan Ruby sings National Anthem at Dodgers game days after coming out

Gay pro baseball player Bryan Ruby is also a songwriter. His story as a gay athlete is inspiring others.

Sing along with these out MLB folks: ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’

The Sports Equality Foundation celebrates Opening Day of Major League Baseball by inviting some of the out LGBTQ people from MLB to sing the national pastime’s official song.

Gay former umpire Dale Scott joins in virtual ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’

To welcome the 2020 season, Scott puts the mask back on to join several baseball players and alumni in a virtual seventh inning stretch.

Gay high school football star, out to teammates since middle school, never heard a gay slur

Terrence Bogan scored 77 touchdowns while also starring in school plays. Next year he’ll play for Trinity College.

Former Nebraska jumper Jace Anderson has found his muse singing during quarantine

Anderson covers ‘Never Enough’ from Greatest Showman, Billie Eilish and more.

Hours after Eric Radford won Olympic gold, he grabbed his husband and disappeared

Eric Radford talks about that magical week at the Winter Olympics, plus quarantine and his budding music career.

What if Queen didn’t exist to rock you?

As part of ‘What If? Week,’ Outsports imagines what sports would sound like if Freddie Mercury & company weren’t part of the soundtrack.

Navy vet and water polo player Conner Curnick has found his muse in a DJ booth

DJ Conner Curnick is just starting his career mixing house music, playing a set for a virtual dance party this Friday.

Until the real Games return, we have Sam Smith and Demi Lovato and a queer AF Olympics

Sam Smith’s music video with Demi Lovato. "I’m Ready," imagines a queer Olympics with athletes in stilettos, bustiers and so much more.

This drag queen has found a home in the New York Gay Football League for the last 15 years

Ms. Jacqueline Dupree belts tunes like Whitney and catches balls like Gronk. And everywhere she goes, people smile.

Sing along with Sue and Megan

For the third week running, Megan Rapinoe and her girlfriend Sue Bird serenaded Instagram Live fans with a song as part of their #ATouchMore series

Let’s go out to the ballgame with Fenway’s organist — without leaving home

Fenway Park organist Josh Kantor goes on Facebook Live every afternoon, to play his organ at home — and he takes requests.

‘Lean On Me:’ Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe are here for us when we’re not strong

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird croon an inspirational duet in their latest Instagram Live: "Lean On Me," by the late Bill Withers.

Former NFLer Esera Tuaolo is Polly Lava in Provincetown this summer

Beaten up as a boy for dressing in girls’ clothes, Tuaolo is proudly reclaiming his once-tortured childhood.

This sporty drag queen is making NBA Playoff picks and lip syncing to ‘Space Jam’

Drag queen Coco Baskets says she’s the ‘Queen of the Court,’ and she’ll prove it to you.

Olympic figure skater Eric Radford is starting a gorgeous music career

Eric Radford is a three-time Olympic medalist. Now he’s turning his talents to writing music for the piano.

Listen to this gay athlete’s song of support for people in the closet

Bradley Kim wants everyone to know they are not alone, even if it might feel that way sometimes.

Sports built a bridge between this out quarterback and her family

Sami Grisafe is a pioneer for women and LGBTQ athletes.

Adam Rippon says his brand is ‘club trash,’ his wardrobe ‘slutty’

Rippon is always and forever his true self.

Britney Spears can’t wait for some Adam Rippon tonight!

Queen B will be glued to the Olympics figure skating on NBC.

Adam Rippon’s short program music is pure dance. This could be epic.

We don’t have to think about it. The song’s perfect for Rippon.

That time Adam Rippon sang, skated and slayed to Rihanna


NHL hires anti-trans singer Kid Rock for All-Star Game

Kid Rock will perform in the middle of the NHL’s disingenuous ‘Hockey Is For Everyone’ month.

Esera Tuaolo eliminated on ‘The Voice’ as Brett Favre tweets support

Tuaolo has big plans for his post-Voice future.

Esera Tuaolo wins his Knockout round on ‘The Voice’

Tuaolo sang a song by a gay singer who never felt he could come out publicly.


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